Sleep my angel
I will make sure you enjoy your dreams in peace
I like to look at you while you are disconnected from the world outside
Here you are safe..

I was thinking on the time you were in my womb
Kicking, stretching, swimming upside down is so small environment
Growing a little more day after day..

I was proud of my pregnant belly
My pride was carrying you
I wanted to make you to watch my world
Through my belly button
As it was your window
Then give me your opinion
If after what you saw so far
You wanted to come out soon or not

There into my womb
You learned to understand me
By reading me emotionally
You knew when I was happy, sad, worried, scared, tired, confused ...
I could not hide my feelings from you
As you were living in their house...
You lived my life with me from the inside!

How intimate our relationship...
Amazing bond ours
An unbreakable and unshakable tie for a lifetime...
How powerful...

After you be born
Every time I took you to be nourished
I did enjoy your proximity against my chest
Your eyes staring me like two shinning blueberries
Your toothless smile
Your angel face ... so delicate complexion

How miraculous it is
To bring up a new being
From the inside to the outside
See that tiny life developing
Having her own dreams, personality, likes and dislikes

Here while you sleep on my lap
I see a life under construction
It is so beautiful to witness your amazing transformations
Toward an individual
See you going to school
Learning things
Having friends

While I caress your hair
Your imaculate skin
My heart beats in the same rhythm as yours
I realize how much I love you
It is wonderful to be the most important person in one's life
You make me feel this way
As the ultimate celebrity there within

When you come home from school
And sit to make your homework
I pay attention to you trying to write a phrase
It is such a chalenge for you
Each stroke of pencil demands your whole concentration
I see in you the girl I was at your age
I lived the same things
And my mother was there as well
Like I am here with and for you

Life is really a succession of instants
Generations after generations
One story built up on the other
One add to the other something precious
The meanings survive this way
The love, the experiences

I know that after my death
You will keep me alive in your days
My love for you will be your strength in the difficult moments
Your love for me
Will be the passport that will allow me to follow you
In your own journey
This is the blessing about motherhood
We keep existing in one's life, heart, mind, and soul
 Even when our own life stops breathing ...


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Teeba said...

when the lovely kid will read what you write he will be more and more proud of his great mom.That is absolutly comes from a big heart my best friend Si.