The puppet master
Is a master of disguises
Oscar winner nominee for best performance
In the art of deceiving

He has many ways to get what he wants
A different technique to each occasion
If wants to impress the audience
He displays the genuinely virtuous being 
Brilliant mind
Recites the most poignant pieces of poetry
Tears he lets fall on his face ... if necessary
He is all charisma
All seduction ....
He can be really very convincing
At least, at the beginning of his act...

But even the master of the masters like him
Has his vulnerabilities
After all, nobody is perfect!
He can be pretty smart
By calculating meticulously
Each gesture and weight each and every word of his speech

First time successful
Second time sucessful
Thirty five times ... the public is still applauding him
And so on ...
No wonder he only can see himself in a pedestal
Endless times that inner voice cheering him:
"You are really unmatchable in cleverness!!"
What a narcisist!

Giving to his "track record" and collossal ego
By the feeling of deceiving others
He is also deceiving himself without even notice!
His excess of self-confidence in his performance
Makes him blind to his surroundings

For time after time
"Success after success"
He underestimated his audience
The biggest mistake he could ever make!
A mistake that started to undermine his show

The performance of a lifetime
As the acts kept repeating without variation
Became less and less "effective"
More and more predictable
 Clearly despicable in the public's eyes
Eroding his credibility

The puppet master
Found the utmost enjoyment in playing with people's feelings
As all were born to be his eternal fool marionettes
Slaves of his will
 His malevolence had no precedents
Rooted in arrogance
Coward arrogance
As he only acted behind the stage
To save his reputation
Fake braveness ... his

Once, twice, third times people can be too naive perhaps
Can be deceived without having a sense of it
But there in the bottom of one self
Lives a sort of radar
A sense of emotional preservation
Heart has his own self-mechanisms of survival
Every time it feels has been used
Over and over again
A red flag shows ..
Time to wake up as something is really wrong in this relation
This radar is called dignity
Threshold of self-respect

There is no doubt that the puppet master
Is brilliant in what he does
Brilliant to be disloyal, to betray, to back-stab
For his own purposes he excels

For many times he can make fun of his marionettes
Feel superior
Manipulate them with absolute "professionalism"
But when the strings tear up
After so much stretching
And he loses control of the puppets
His act means nothing
His power vanishes...

He will find himself holding the strings alone
As his puppets got a life of their own
All because their master wrongly thought
They would never will
They would never had the capability to break the emotional chains
But they did!

There, in the middle of the stage the master is
Consumed by his own bitterness, frustration, and solitude
Pathetic being he became...

There is no audience
There is no applause
There is no life around him
The only thing he can see
Is the spotlight on him
Not to highlight his divine performance
But his deepest misery ...

The curtains were closed forever
No more coming ups
The last door was shut for good...

The marionettes got their freedom
Though the strings were still around their former master's fingers

But at this time holding only his fingers
Nobody else's feelings


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