Former governor of Alaska
Now running for presidency
Believe or not!

Republican extremist
Shots mooses from the air
Does not believe global warming is a man's made thing
Queen of non-sense

Her biggest abilities:
Running away from the media (except Fox News)
Talking about what she wants only
Makes believe she knows everything
When in fact
She does not know
Much about anything

Her speech challenges the laws of logic and coherence
She answers what is not asked
Her connection of ideas
Has no precedent
She makes bridges between subjects
Like abortion and foreign policy
As they were intrinsically related
Practically "conjoined twins"

At the end of an interview
She acts as she has impressed everybody
With her surreal intellect
She really makes an incredible impression
But by displaying her syntax allucinations

She is an extraordinary case of delusion
Not only to the public opinion's delight
But also the psychiatric experts

She addresses herself
As a pitbull with lipstick
Hockey mom
Just an American woman
Like "all of us"!

She has beauty at her side
And her dumbness against her
She is a plain ignorant pretending to be an intellectual

Everything she knows about foreign policy
Is that she can see Russia from her backyard

She is making a huge success!
Her books are the New York Times
Most profitable best-sellers
The media is obsessed by her
Every thing she does
Becomes a sensation
Incredible phenomenon!

The conservative Americans
Love her, her hairdo
Japanese glasses
Charm wink blinking to the camera
Her past as a beauty queen of Alaska

People are not interested in if she has a brain or not
It is not important
After all
George W. Bush her fellow
Got ellected twice!

No! Intelligence does not matter
It only bothers the brain
And makes things harder

Most people don't want to think
They just want to watch the super bowl
Make BBQ
And have as a commander in chief
Someone who will tell what they want to hear
And will follow their hypocritical values
No matter what!

Sarah Alien's figure
Is an insult to the book smarts
And a wonder woman to the average fellows

Everybody can be a president
Sky is not the limit anymore!

Thanks to Miss Sarah Alien's aspirations!


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