I wonder if the legendary Persian poets
Wrote poems about her...

Perhaps Rumi did
She was certainly a kind of person
Who would not disappoint any mind or heart

Her angel face
True smile
Crystal clear eyes
Slow motion gestures
A person absolutely pure
Good nature
Incapable of destructive acts

Rumi would love her inner wealth
The beauty and wisdom
She so carefully tried to disguise
To not let anyone feels less special in her presence
So sensitive she was ...

Her gifts were innate
She was a self-made inspiration
Strong enough to prevent herself to be contaminated by
The shadowy side of human's weaknesses

Her heart was like a shelter where everybody
Could have a cozy place to stay
And be genuinely loved

She learned about life and people
Through her heart
That is why she was able to see the beauty and truth
Lessons and intentions inside everyone and everything

The poet would find in herself
A fertile soil of the finest values and virtues
She lived her faith
She honored her God
She respected her family
She was admired by each and every being

She mastered deepest kindness
She was essentially giving
Her love toward the ones around her
Always unconditional ...

Rumi would be amazed to know she knew to translate all languages
Especially the unspoken ones

She learned the best from others
She gave the best of herself to others

She respected people without distiction
Was an attentive listener
Had always a wise word to give
She was loyal

Her shinning spirit
Touched lives
Changed people
Brought understanding and light
Where there was no hope

She came to make us remember that courage
Are the only seeds able to grow
A better world
A promising future
Lasting and meaningful relationships...

She only did spread
Joy, love, beauty

Rumi would be very proud of her
Very grateful to her
As we all who loved her
What an inspiration to a poet!
What an inspiration as a human being!

Heavenly soul ...


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