Lost in me I was
When decided to sit in this chair
Grab some papers and a pen
And start writing

A face comes to the portrait of my imagination
I look every detail of it
With a heart full of enjoyment
This is a face familiar to me
Every piece of it I know well
Have read it long time before...

I want to write this letter
By making your presence very concrete
Clearer you come to my thoughts
Deeper will be my expression
On these still immaculate pages...

I like to take my time
Close my eyes and let the mind flow
Freedom I give to the stream of memory
Memory of your story in my life

To write a letter like this one
The emotional story we have written together I must bring up
To the surface of me
Then translate to my handwriting...

The details of you are intricate
More I think of you
Who you represent
More immersed in you I get
Harder will be to organize the house of mind
As when in love
So much urge we feel to tell
We want to be as fair as possible
To the meaning of it within ...  this captive emotion...

Heart when inspired
Is the most gifted poet
Master of eloquence
Words of love reverberate in all directions
Transcend somewhere ... somehow ....

Love letter
Lovely feather
That flies whatever the wind takes it
It has no will ... it goes without certain destination ...
May be easily understandable
Terribly confusing ...

We believe in what we want
We try to change what we don't
In the world unseen within
All kinds of lives are possible to be experienced

In these pages
My emotional self speaks
It has temper and personality
Sometimes hesitant
Sometimes all giving

Transcribing love
Is a very revealing exposure
One can feel vulnerable by doing so
Another may feel it is the triumph of freedom over the slavery of rationality

When you read these heartfelt pages
Know that what I give to you is what I feel for you
My love has the transparency of a shinning crystal
I hope my feelings spread a sense of acceptance into you

Keep my feelings in you
They belong to you because you were the one who gave birth to them in me
You are the reason for their living
If my feelings affect you the way they affect me
I will have accomplished my mission
Of having saved a soul
By keeping it away
Of a destiny of seclusion and desolation latter in life...

The words are yours
The reward of revealing them to you is mine!