Yanmei was her name
Flattering and seductive
Its meaning ...

The only child of a poor family
From an ancient village
In the heart of China

Yanmei loved to run free toward the giant snowy mountains
Where all the mysteries lived

She learned since the very early the language of birds
The different species of butterflies by the colors of their wings
The uniqueness of the tinniest flowers
She herself was a free bird
Flying in her boundless imagination ...

Yanmei grew up in love with the sound of the wind
Blowing between the majestic mountains
She used to close her eyes
To listen the smallest nuances of its sweet melody
Her dream became to translate the music of the wind

One cold night of winter
Yanmei had a  revelation in her sleep
A voice came to her ordering:
"Be a flutist"
Yanmei thought:
"But I have no knowledge of the complexity of traditional music'
The voice replied:
"Don't worry! It will come naturally to you!"
Finally the voice gave her a clue:
"Go the northeastern side of the mountains
There you will find your flute."

In the very early morning of the following day
Yanmei went out in search of the flute
It was hidden inside a cave in the foot of the biggest mountain
It was made of bamboo
Shinning black paint
There was an inscription carved on its surface
"Set free its voice with the reflection of your soul"

Then Yanmei took the flute
Walked to her favorite spot
Where she had her meetings with the wind
And started playing the flute

Suddenly all the nature around Yanmei
Came to be her audience
All contemplation
The sound she made out of her flute
Had the sweetness of a romantic piece of poetry

She was speaking her soul
As it was demanded by the flute inscription
Heavenly melody...

As soon as she started playing
Yanmei got lost in that atmosphere of endless emotions
The language of her soul echoed to all directions
It was the universal language of love

The music coming out of the flute
Was the revelation of Yanmei's self
Her dreams, her thoughts, her emotions ...
How beautiful ... pure ... innocent ...

At the day Yanmei became a flutist
The wind she loved so much came to reverence her
Suddenly both voices got fused ... wind and flute
Yanmei's music unlocked the wind's secrets
They spent all their days  together
In unison ...
Yanmei had finally come true her dream
Of translating the wind
The emotions coming out the flute were the key
For mutual understanding

Yanmei grew old with the wind as her companion
The day she died
At the age of  96
The wind took her soul with it
They were forever friends and inseparable travellers
In a timeless adventure 
Of love and countless discoveries...



Teeba said...

and you are my wind Si yes .. you are like the yanmei friend that accompanied her till the 96 age. i hope to be together like Yanmei and the Wind Simo. Very nice post i loved it soooo much and i heard the sound of Yanmei fluet coming from the mountine of north iraq.

Simone said...

Thank you very much for your so nice comment Teeba! It is very gratifying to know that you have liked this post! Yes the wind and the flute are around you every time you look toward the north mountains of Iraq ... just think about and feel it in the air. I am glad this story made sense to you and gave you a nice moment to enjoy. I really appreciate your comment, as usual. Love to you my sweet Teeba!

Simone said...

This, I think, is the main meaning of writing, to try to use words to touch a heart or challenge a mind ... I have pleasure when I write, I wanna share. I dont write for me, but to spread it as a seed to the world ... :)