It was a long way
From the mountains where my home was located
 To the valley where my school was...

I used to leave home very early in the morning
When the morning dew was still resting on the surface of plants and flowers
And a thin layer of fog engulfed everything around...
I liked nature that way
That mystery betwitched me entirely...

The way down the mountain was absolute silence
I felt as I was the only human being alive on Earth
That kind of loneliness did not bother me
As I did enjoy to spend some time with myself
Away a little bit from so many people's expectations...

Nature was my companion
The sun watching me from the top of the sky
The clouds following me
The flowers waiving to me
The butterflies around me
As if they wanted to play hide and seek
The music came from the tree branches being shaked by the wind
The long bamboos had such a melancholy in their tone
The sumptuous eucaliptus sounded like an orchestra
With three instruments only
So pleasant to my senses which felt as in the audience
While the great show was performed on the stage by Mother Nature...

I adored the humbleness of my childhood
Everything so simple and pure
Little animals to play with
Landscapes to contemplate
The warmth of my mother's presence...

All the way to the valley
I used to talk with myself in a loud voice
My imagination was endless adventure
A storyteller I became to myself and my friends
Plants, trees, flowers, insects ...

Once I went to a world where I could be invisible
I could visit people's inner universe
It was an amazing challenge
To try to understand the motivations
The ideas
And the mixed emotions in motion
Inside each individual
In some, I found a world made of blue skies and intense sunrays
In others
A world of dispair, sadness, shadows, agitation...

Humans are very complex beings
The diversity of thoughts and emotions is extraordinary
Each and every one is a galaxy of their own
They orbitate around others and themselves
Some times it happens that what they are inside
Does not translate to whom they are outside
There are plausible reasons for that I have learned
Fear of judgement, lack of self-knowledge, "voluntary" seclusion...
So many explanations...
As each being is unique
Even identical twins do not share
The same foundation regarding the depth of the self...

There is so much to learn all the time
If we have interest in what lives around us
Life is a giant school that never closes
Life is a book that has never a final chapter
At least to the ones who believe in a life beyond this one...

I dont know what I believe in yet
I still have a lot to learn right here
So, no time to open other books
And take other lessons
I guess I should not skip the lessons
By jumping to other dimentions of possibilities
As God determined a pattern in the way we live here
So it is a process ... one chapter connected to the other...
If we skip one, the sequence in meaning will be lost
To live a life of misunderstandings is like
To try to swimm in a place without water
There is no the sense of the real experience
As the necessary tools are nowhere to be seen...

Now let me go back to the real world
Started raining and I want to live this experience in full
As it should be always
To enjoy the wonders that were given us by God
Heavenly gifts... for free!



It is surely a choice to be a candle in someone's life
It is a choice to be light
It is a choice to bring warmth
It is a choice to bring hope
It is a choice to be there at the end of the tunnel
When darkness may strike
And all shadows turn to a scary threat
Bluring one's sight

Then when one comes
And blow us out
By reducing us to a cloud of smoke
Getting vanished in the thin air
We are left to be forgotten
As all that light we shared
Had no any meaning...

This is the very and only moment when
Our choice becomes a prisoner 
Of one's own choice
We are left without any choice
And little by little our light fades away ... die.



Once upon a time, six friends shared their vicissitudes in a secret garden where only feelings and reason had access to. The HEART was complaining about an unbearable ache, so overwhelmed he found himself. He was feeling too narrow to accomodate his friend LOVE, a gigantic guest who was living an accute condition called claustrophobia. The HEART was dreaming about a more spacious place to LOVE to feel comfortable to live in without getting distressed. The HEART felt himself in his maximum capacity to storage LOVE, then while he could not solve the problem, as it had not an overnight solution, he called the TEARS. TEARS came and worked on their full capacity as well to try to calm down the restless LOVE. But at certain point, the TEARS were so tired of falling, so covered with bruises that they asked the HEART to stop aching otherwise they would dry for lack of supply and the HEART would be by itself, unable to have contact with the world outside in a way his pain could be understood. LIFE, who was walking by, brought her wisdom to the conversation between TEARS and HEART. LIFE asked REASON to say to the HEART to be strong to deal with the impetuous LOVE, as LOVE was a feeling with immense potential to increase in intensity and depth. The HEART needed to be realistic and learn to live with the space it had to LOVE without feeling unable to tame his friend inside him. Then life asked COURAGE to step up and come to the scene. COURAGE came self-confident, chin up high, in her usual way of being. She said to the HEART he could not live without her as he had so much LOVE inside him. She said the HEART must stick with her no matter what. She was the only one who could help his friend to recover its balance. COURAGE assured him that with her by his side, he would succeed. The anguished HEART asked the LOVE to keep under control and desperately embrace COURAGE himself as well. LIFE was already in her way, with her clock ticking incessantly in an endless succession of paralel events. She left a message to the HEART: "I cannot wait for your time to get prepared to deal with your LOVE... you need to walk with me during the whole process, there is no any way to freeze my friend time. You must make your decisions in motion."