Once upon a time, six friends shared their vicissitudes in a secret garden where only feelings and reason had access to. The HEART was complaining about an unbearable ache, so overwhelmed he found himself. He was feeling too narrow to accomodate his friend LOVE, a gigantic guest who was living an accute condition called claustrophobia. The HEART was dreaming about a more spacious place to LOVE to feel comfortable to live in without getting distressed. The HEART felt himself in his maximum capacity to storage LOVE, then while he could not solve the problem, as it had not an overnight solution, he called the TEARS. TEARS came and worked on their full capacity as well to try to calm down the restless LOVE. But at certain point, the TEARS were so tired of falling, so covered with bruises that they asked the HEART to stop aching otherwise they would dry for lack of supply and the HEART would be by itself, unable to have contact with the world outside in a way his pain could be understood. LIFE, who was walking by, brought her wisdom to the conversation between TEARS and HEART. LIFE asked REASON to say to the HEART to be strong to deal with the impetuous LOVE, as LOVE was a feeling with immense potential to increase in intensity and depth. The HEART needed to be realistic and learn to live with the space it had to LOVE without feeling unable to tame his friend inside him. Then life asked COURAGE to step up and come to the scene. COURAGE came self-confident, chin up high, in her usual way of being. She said to the HEART he could not live without her as he had so much LOVE inside him. She said the HEART must stick with her no matter what. She was the only one who could help his friend to recover its balance. COURAGE assured him that with her by his side, he would succeed. The anguished HEART asked the LOVE to keep under control and desperately embrace COURAGE himself as well. LIFE was already in her way, with her clock ticking incessantly in an endless succession of paralel events. She left a message to the HEART: "I cannot wait for your time to get prepared to deal with your LOVE... you need to walk with me during the whole process, there is no any way to freeze my friend time. You must make your decisions in motion."


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