The Bull...

The Beasts...

The Bullfighting Arena and the Audience...

On the surface
It looks like a very glamorous show ...
The "virility" of the fighter facing the "ferocity" of the bull..

Glamorous it has nothing of...
It is all about the bullfighter's ego
 The audience's sadism
And, of course,
The animal's suffering!

Bullfighter's pure cowardy
Animal's cruelty
It is a very slow and agonizing death to the bull
When the bull dies
All the applauses go to the bullfighter
As this legally cold murderer has performed a very heroic acting! 

But .... sometimes ....

At the very moment when the bullfighter is ready to strike the bull for the last time

The bull strikes first his merciless attacker
By showing to the bullfighter that he has feelings
And sense of the injustice before what has been commited against him
Time to the bullfighter tastes his own cruelty against the animal

It is time to the "noble" fighter to be overpowered, humiliated, and learn that
His cruelty has consequences
His is not always the "winner"
Or the bull the "loser"...

Sometimes even the ones which have financed this gruesome espectacle
Taste a little of the bull's feelings

Perhaps only by experiencing the same pain the animal does
They will learn about their own guilty
And the shame they should feel 
Inside each person in the audience lives
A "dormant" killer
After all, if there is no audience
No money to finance it
There is no killing
There is no crime!

Thanks God
There are still people sensitive enough to put themselves in the animal's shoes
By fighting not against, but in favor of the bulls!
Thanks to these genuine noble fighters
Bullfighting has been losing its "glamorous" status in Spain
Hopefully it will be completely abolished very soon

If animals have no voice or power to fight for their rights
We should be their voices
After all
Their lives are as precious as ours
They are here between us for a reason
Human beings have created this stereotype
That bulls are always eager to kill people
If they get agressive it is nothing else than their own
Instinct to protect their lives
Against the ones who make them feel threatened
Animals are not born to be cruel
Human beings are not supposed to be either
But some are....
Voluntarily cruel against others
The bulls in the arena know it

In the bullfighting world
It is the bull who recognizes the beasts
In the core of beings that should be humans
That is why I say that bullfighting is the meeting between
Bulls and Beasts...



Segregation ...
Being considered a second class citizen just based on the color of your skin?

Child Abuse...
Being mentally, emotionally, and physically abused under absolute vulnerability by the ones which were supposed to be there to protect you?
Child Labor...
Having to work like a slave in terrible conditions and your childhood stolen forever?

Domestic Violence...
Being beaten mentally and physically by someone you have chosen to love and to spend a lifetime with?

Concentration Camp...
Having your freedom completely taken and living on the mercy of people who hate you?

Being considered a criminal and unworth to live bcz some people decided that they are supperior to you by the color of their skin and social status?

Being target of sistematic bullying for having conditions that most do not understand, respect, or know what it means to live with disability every single day?

Having to accept that life is fair when you are oppressed and surrounded by social inequality?

Having to deal with a hypocritical society when you need so much to be understood in your challenges?

Child marriage...
Being still a child and forced to get married to a person 7 times your age who will abuse you in all ways possible and having to accept that it should be normal?

Human traffic...
Being taken by strangers and sold as a product in a market shelf?

Being taked away of one's life through the push of a buttom?

Female Genital Mutilation...
Being forced to perform a painful, debilitating, and high risk procedure in order to be submissive to other people's misconceptions of what is best to you, what in their distorted view will make you more worthy of acceptance?
Being subjected of a heinous crime just because you are a woman, having nowhere to go, or anybody to protect you?

Being treatened as you were an animal, just useful to die to serve, and having all the generations after you enduring the same things?

Having to live in the streets completely alone under cold, rain, violence, indiference, hungry, and forgetfulness without knowing what you did wrong to deserve such fate?

Living in a society where to be woman is to be a second class citizen?

Exclusion/ Prejudice...
Being looked down and put aside for something you cannot change?

Being target of "ethinic cleansing" and left to die of starvation?

Extreme abuse of mentally disabled orphans... "the unwanted"...
Being neglected for being "different" and  for lack of compassion in an absolute vulnerable situation?
Target of Backward Mentalities...
Having your face and hands disfigured bcz you are a girl willing to go to school?

Having witnessed all your family being killed by the greedy and cruelty of others?

Being tortured, raped, forgotten, forced to prostitution, or killed bcz of your gender?

Being a two years old girl, lost of parents, hit by two cars, badly injured, consumed by fear and pain, in desperate need of help, and completely ignored by all around you? 

Being the forgotten?

If you have never been victim of situations like these
Put yourself in all these human beings' shoes
You will know how lucky you are
Never ever take anything for granted in this life
And remember
If each one of us show even a minimum of respect and love
For the one beside us
Most of these horrendous things will never be repeated
We will be making this a much better and fair world for all to live in
We must be aware of these things
To never ever let our hearts harden
Neither to suffering nor to injustice.



Some days ago
Came to public a video
Showing a scene that shocked countless people around the world
Here its story...

In a narrow and busy street of a market zone in China
A two years old little girl appears walking
Lost of her parents

Suddenly, a van comes
And hits the girl
The front tire passes over her tiny body
Then the driver stops for a second
Looks, sees blood on the floor
Assumes that "whatever" it was
Was already dead
So keeps going
The rear tire also hits the girl

The van goes away
Leaving behind
The little girl's bloody body
In spite of her injuries she is still alive

Then, for several minutes
It is possible to see a parade of people
Walking in the street
Some passed by the girl on the dirty floor
As she was not there
Others looked at the body and kept walking
As "that" was not their business
A total of eighteen people
Completely ignored the injured girl
As it was just an obstacle along the way
That did not deserve any attention

Then, another car comes and crashes the girl's body again
And moves away
So far, nobody seems to care about
The almost paralized body
Left on the floor
A world unseen
So vulnerable being who was unable to ask for help
Forgotten in her unberable suffering

Between the purposefully "blind"
Comes a woman who lives in the streets to collect recyclable items
Sees the girl and removes her from the middle of the street
The ONLY sensitive soul in that ocean of lethargic beings!

As soon as the woman puts the little girl's body aside
Her mother comes and rushes with her to the hospital
The body looks like of doll's body
So flexible as it had no bones

The girl arrived alive in the hospital
And fought for her life for some days
Yesterday she lost her battle and passed away
Did not survive her horrific injuries...

This real story illustrates the tragedy of the world we live
A world full of people who simple lost their capacity
To have empathy to one's suffering
Those eighteen empty beings
Which crossed that street
Ignoring completely that so fragile life laying on the floor
Are just a sample of the kind of people which seem 
To be ignorant about what compassion means

I would completely understand if all those people
Did not know what to do
With the girl's injuries
It is more than understandable
What is unacceptable is that they did not even try to call for help!!
Their coldness was unbelievable!!
Heartless souls!

How scary this scenery
This perspective of the way
Some "human" beings have turned to
Just robots that can only see themselves
It is a wake up call to all of us
For us to learn the consequences of indiference
If each one of us put our onw feet in that girl's shoes
We will have the exactly feeling of
How unhuman some people became
How individualistic, merciless, insensitive
It is like they had lost their humanity completely!

How shocking!!
How degrading!!!
That life could have been saved
If the first person had called for help
But each passed minute diminished
The girl's chances to survive
All of that could have been avoided
If compassion lived there in those individuals!

If we look those 18 people
Through the eyes of that girl
We would see the human's darkness
The pain and dispair of being ignored in a moment 
When one's existence is in risk
The ultimate need of human's humanity!

An "expert" wrote an article about this event
Trying to justify people's indiference in that case
By saying that with the rise of population growth in big cities
The tendency is each individual becomes  more egotistical.
I disagree!
One thing is to be busier, another is to be cold
Nothing justify lack of humanity!
We came to this world equiped with a capacity to react to suffering
To put ourselves in one's shoes
Just a minimum of sensitivity is needed
To avoid tragedies like the little chinese girl's
That is cruelty!
It shows that some people have become
So self-centered
That are forgetting how to relate
To communicate
To be human with another
Our society is turning to a world of cold robots
That only react to their "self-command"

The truth is that in some aspects
Humanity have excelled
As in Science, Technology
But in other aspects
Like the capacity of being human
Which means to have empathy
Have walked backwards
To the most primitive stages of a being
When all were purely brutalized
Moved by only instincts of survival
Nothing else!
With this raw mentality:
"As far as mine existence is guaranteeded
I dont care about other people's existence
Even if I have the means to do something for others
I wanna be happy
I dont care if others cannot
I wanna be rich
I dont care if others will live in povert and famine their whole lives
I want all the best for me
I dont care if it will cost the sacrifice of many lives to get it
I want to be loved
I dont care if others need to feel this way too
I want to belong
I dont care if to belong I will have to exclude others
I want to be seen
I dont care to be blind to others as far as I get the spotlights over me
I dont care about that person dying
As far I can keep living!
I dont care about other's suffering
As far as I am protected and well
I dont care about lying, deceiving, giving pain, being selfish
As far as I get what I want
And have my feelings saved of being hurt"

Many, many people between us think this way
Imagine to be in need
In a world made only of these kind of individuals
Can you imagine the hell it would be???
If you can and are worried about it
I am sure you will be change your demeanor toward
The person who is beside you, in front of you, behind you
If all of us try to be good to others
Without worrying about how they look or what they have or how they can benefit us
We will surely make this world a better place to all live in
We will guarantee that each and every individual's world
Will be seen
It is what will save the world of a tragic future
This is what that little chinese girl's story
Teaches us
To learn or re-learn to be humans by witnessing the lack of humanity in others
She had to lose her so young life to leave this legacy to us!

Absolutely heartbreaking!!

I hope her soul is in heaven
Where the kingdom of love and justice exists



Moammar Gadhafi is gone!!!
After 42 years in power
Finally this criminal dictator
Is completely out of picture!

I feel so happy for the Libyan people
Which have had to live under extreme opression for so long
Innocent and hard working people
Forced to live under the dictator's rules
Rules based on brutality
So many were killed unfairly
So many families were distroied...
Unfortunately, the ones who were killed by his regime
Cannot be brought back
But from whetever they are they will surely
Finally rest in peace!

What Mr. Gadhafi did for his country?
What benefits they shared with people
In such a wealthy country?

What merit he had
To deserve so much power?
What he really conquered as a nation leader?
Just the FEAR of his people
What he accomplished
To improve the lives of his people?
It was always in favor of him
The best for him and his family
Nothing to his people but cruelty, torture, terror
No any positive perspective of future

It was always about him
All about his flamboyant style of living
All about his vanity
All about his megalomaniac personality
Selfish, rutheless, despicable
Moammar Gadhafi was
The evil to his people!
This is the legacy he left in this planet
Tyranic legacy, nothing else!

There is no doubt 
His death represents a possibility of 
Rebirth to the Libyans
They got finally peace
It did cost the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people
In this bloody conflict
But all of sacrifices the Libyans endured for all these months
Paid off! 
They accomplished their mission to have their freedom back
In their hands
Now this nation will be able to dream a better future
To them and for the next generations

I wish the very best to these brave people
Libyans are all winners
They had such a hard life for 42 long years
Now is surely time for jubilation
Their victory over tirany
Time to celebrate
Life, freedom, and hopefully
Lasting peace



There was a time when people look at each other in the eyes
And the eyes were nothing but truth

There was a time when people used to communicate
With a genuine interest of learning about each other

There was a time when people shared mutual respect
And there were no bad or fabricated words to hurt

There was a time when people showed honorable character
And all were a model of virtue to one another

There was a time when the faces had no make up
And masks were not used to hidde feelings

There was a time when children used to run free everywhere
And could enjoy the wonders and innocence of childhood

There was a time when the beauty of a person
Was measured by his integrity as an individual

There was a time when people really cared about each other
And nobody had the risk of being neglected

There was a time when religion was peace
And nobody used religion to harm others

There was a time when people were more precious than material possessions
And nobody thought love and friendship could be bought as anything else

There was a time when we did not take for granted anything
And this way every single living being was embraced as blessing

There was a time when people knew to find happiness everywhere
And learned that we are the happiness makers if we want 

There was a time of wonderful things I miss
In nowadays' world have vanished
As a blow of a strong wind has taken them far away
To a place impossible to be reached...
Forever gone!



It is fall
The trees get dry
They look like skeletons

The wind is cold
Wistling in a melancholic tone

Autumn seems static
As soon as the last leaves fall down

The mornings hide behind a thin cloud of fog
The days are mostly grouchy in mood

Fall carries the pain
Winter brings and keeps
The whole hardest season

Now the darkness grows faster
The silence of this time
Talks in a loud voice

Our eyes get mesmerized by the vibrant colors
It is like to be in a painting of a gifted artist
Everything is so beautiful
It is a dream we dont need to sleep to have
It happens in the consciousness of the mind
Touchable by the senses...



The river of life
Is made of an endless stream
It crosses villages, busy cities, forests
And other places not yet even seen...

It is in its instinct to march forward and never look back
This is the innate rhythm of it...

The flow of water perseveres
No matter what
It knows will find stones, logs, and narrow passages
But does not get discouraged or intimidated by them
It finds its way to move on
Bcz the flow is not supposed to give up its fate...

It loves when the torrential rains come
To join it in a fresh shower of
A life that was reinvented
From the ground raised up to the sky
From the sky comes back
Iniciating a cycle of new waves
New stories, new relationships with all
Living beings...

The river of life
Reverences the sun during the day
As it brings the warm touch on its surface
The river of life
Reverences the stars during the night
As they bring the silver shinning blanket on its stream...

The day and night of the river of life
Are made of paradigmas
New encounters, and discoveries
Nothing is lost
Just rearanged if needed
It is the determination to keep going on and on
Is what gives meaning to its existence...