The Bull...

The Beasts...

The Bullfighting Arena and the Audience...

On the surface
It looks like a very glamorous show ...
The "virility" of the fighter facing the "ferocity" of the bull..

Glamorous it has nothing of...
It is all about the bullfighter's ego
 The audience's sadism
And, of course,
The animal's suffering!

Bullfighter's pure cowardy
Animal's cruelty
It is a very slow and agonizing death to the bull
When the bull dies
All the applauses go to the bullfighter
As this legally cold murderer has performed a very heroic acting! 

But .... sometimes ....

At the very moment when the bullfighter is ready to strike the bull for the last time

The bull strikes first his merciless attacker
By showing to the bullfighter that he has feelings
And sense of the injustice before what has been commited against him
Time to the bullfighter tastes his own cruelty against the animal

It is time to the "noble" fighter to be overpowered, humiliated, and learn that
His cruelty has consequences
His is not always the "winner"
Or the bull the "loser"...

Sometimes even the ones which have financed this gruesome espectacle
Taste a little of the bull's feelings

Perhaps only by experiencing the same pain the animal does
They will learn about their own guilty
And the shame they should feel 
Inside each person in the audience lives
A "dormant" killer
After all, if there is no audience
No money to finance it
There is no killing
There is no crime!

Thanks God
There are still people sensitive enough to put themselves in the animal's shoes
By fighting not against, but in favor of the bulls!
Thanks to these genuine noble fighters
Bullfighting has been losing its "glamorous" status in Spain
Hopefully it will be completely abolished very soon

If animals have no voice or power to fight for their rights
We should be their voices
After all
Their lives are as precious as ours
They are here between us for a reason
Human beings have created this stereotype
That bulls are always eager to kill people
If they get agressive it is nothing else than their own
Instinct to protect their lives
Against the ones who make them feel threatened
Animals are not born to be cruel
Human beings are not supposed to be either
But some are....
Voluntarily cruel against others
The bulls in the arena know it

In the bullfighting world
It is the bull who recognizes the beasts
In the core of beings that should be humans
That is why I say that bullfighting is the meeting between
Bulls and Beasts...


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