Moammar Gadhafi is gone!!!
After 42 years in power
Finally this criminal dictator
Is completely out of picture!

I feel so happy for the Libyan people
Which have had to live under extreme opression for so long
Innocent and hard working people
Forced to live under the dictator's rules
Rules based on brutality
So many were killed unfairly
So many families were distroied...
Unfortunately, the ones who were killed by his regime
Cannot be brought back
But from whetever they are they will surely
Finally rest in peace!

What Mr. Gadhafi did for his country?
What benefits they shared with people
In such a wealthy country?

What merit he had
To deserve so much power?
What he really conquered as a nation leader?
Just the FEAR of his people
What he accomplished
To improve the lives of his people?
It was always in favor of him
The best for him and his family
Nothing to his people but cruelty, torture, terror
No any positive perspective of future

It was always about him
All about his flamboyant style of living
All about his vanity
All about his megalomaniac personality
Selfish, rutheless, despicable
Moammar Gadhafi was
The evil to his people!
This is the legacy he left in this planet
Tyranic legacy, nothing else!

There is no doubt 
His death represents a possibility of 
Rebirth to the Libyans
They got finally peace
It did cost the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people
In this bloody conflict
But all of sacrifices the Libyans endured for all these months
Paid off! 
They accomplished their mission to have their freedom back
In their hands
Now this nation will be able to dream a better future
To them and for the next generations

I wish the very best to these brave people
Libyans are all winners
They had such a hard life for 42 long years
Now is surely time for jubilation
Their victory over tirany
Time to celebrate
Life, freedom, and hopefully
Lasting peace


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