The river of life
Is made of an endless stream
It crosses villages, busy cities, forests
And other places not yet even seen...

It is in its instinct to march forward and never look back
This is the innate rhythm of it...

The flow of water perseveres
No matter what
It knows will find stones, logs, and narrow passages
But does not get discouraged or intimidated by them
It finds its way to move on
Bcz the flow is not supposed to give up its fate...

It loves when the torrential rains come
To join it in a fresh shower of
A life that was reinvented
From the ground raised up to the sky
From the sky comes back
Iniciating a cycle of new waves
New stories, new relationships with all
Living beings...

The river of life
Reverences the sun during the day
As it brings the warm touch on its surface
The river of life
Reverences the stars during the night
As they bring the silver shinning blanket on its stream...

The day and night of the river of life
Are made of paradigmas
New encounters, and discoveries
Nothing is lost
Just rearanged if needed
It is the determination to keep going on and on
Is what gives meaning to its existence...


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