When I see the suffering of children
I ask myself:
How fair the "law of existence" is?
Why do they have to pay for the adults' mistakes and sins?
They are always in between the conflicts
In the most complete vulnerability!

Life was given to them
They were born innocent
They were supposed to be protected
Against any kind of evil acts or circunstances..

But some very unlucky did and will perish
By the hands of heartless souls

Children have been used as scapegoats
Tortured, abused
Kept under captivity against their will
Forced to slavery
Forgotten in orphanages
Left to die in horrible circunstances

All of them complete ignore the reason why
They get trapped in such a fate
Live in fear, pain, desolation
The shinny innocence in their eyes
Turn to a cloudy reflection of hopelessness
Their heart beats get out of sync
As they  have to learn to live in complete uncertainty
And uncertainty to children is the most terrifying thing
They need constant reassurance of love and protection
If they get stripped off them
They only expect one thing

The effect of this devastation of a being
Can be easily seen in the children of war
How can they understand the adults' motivations
Their deviant personalities
Savage and megalomaniac nature of some???
Children of war
Do not understand what politics means
They do not understand greed
They just know to live of their needs and imagination...

Any children when stop dreaming
Become dead inside
Imagination is what keeps their faith in life
And in better outcomes

Children of war
Learn since the very beginning
That life is not always a good dream
Learn about the horrors of prejudice and cruelty
When they witness their fathers and mothers
Being tortured or killed
What are they "supposed" to think?
For a children to lose parents
Is to lose the ultimate solace
The firm ground under their feet...

Children are our future
What present has been provided to them?
If to chidren love, protection, acceptance, respect
Happiness, dignity, and a childhood are denied
Humankind are creating
A lost generation, a hopeless generation
The perpretators of tomorrow's atrocities

Children must have their rights guaranteed no matter what!
Childhood is such a fundamental time in our lives
A building time
For character, personality, self-esteem, empathy toward others

When the children's innocence is stolen
A future has been shattered 
In advance...