It is another chapter to start
Wishes to renovate
Hopes to recharge...

A new time has come
There is celebration to some
No changes to others, but the year in the calendar...

If I was God
I would finish all the conflicts around the planet
End inequalities
Give a smile to the ones who are crying
Destitute the ones who make cry...

But I am not God
I am an ordinary human like any other
Unfortunately, I cannot help most
But I can try to do something to the ones around me
In spite of my limitations...

We live in a prejudiced and judgemental world
So much competition, greed
Some with so much blind to the ones with so little
While some live a surreal life of privilege
Others live in a surreal life of absolute deprivation
The Humankind's justice is not impartial, after all...

I dream of a world
Where all have guaranteed a dignifying life
A world ruled by talented minds
Benevolent hearts
Inspirational attitudes
A world made of visionary people
 No room to ignorance
Ignorance keeps the world stuck in sameness
In archaic laws that only benefit the ones which subjugate others...

I dream of a world
Light as children's laugh
Fresh as the ground after the rain
Colorful as a kaleidoscope
Giving as a nurse's hand
Understanding as a pacifist
Nurturing as the good mothers
Peaceful as the horizon in the evening
Promising as life in the heaven land...

I believe that empowering are
Hugs, smiles, hand shakings
Sense of humor
A prayer in a moment of uncertainty
Unexpected compliments
An attentive listening
A presence that speaks volumes when words cannot be found...

In this year that just begun
Lets believe in our dreams
Lets talk more often about love
And less about differences
Lets focus on the facilities more than in the difficulties
Lets practice forgiveness
Lets be grateful to each and every person who makes our lives easier
The garbage man who comes no matter if sun or rain to take away our unwanted everything
The man who removes the snow off the streets while all of us are still sleeping in a warm bed
Lets take these people out of the bubble of the invisibility they live
Without them how difficult life would become to all of us!

Lets keep the mind open and the heart welcoming
Lets be coherent in words and attitudes
Lets make life meaningful to us and to others

Lets not forget that the present is a blessing
"The tomorrows" should not be taken for granted
Much less the human beings who may be part of them...

Happy New Year!
Lets live it with courage in spite of the fear
Lets try to keep love always near
Minds clear
Family and friends dear
Understanding without frontier
Words sincere
Of new ideas to be an engineer
In every gesture of kindness a pioneer!



It is interesting how some people
Seem to have some sort of magic skill within

They have this ability to bring sun
When it is cloudy

When it is time of turmoil

In the middle of complete chaos

When it is nothing else but darkness

When tears get out of control

When it is winter inside

Where there is emptiness...

They can figure out everything we want to say
Without the need of pronouncing a word

They come as a blessing
From nowhere

They change us
With their unique sensitivity

They care genuinely
They feel what we can't put in words
They see what we can't
Their presence feed our soul
As we have reached heaven

We get so impressed 
By the way they make someone's day blessed

They are good
No matter our mood

They are a place of peace
When everything we miss

They feel like home
At all moments
No matter if celebration or desolation
They are all about conciliation
Pain they turn to elation
Sadness .... gratification

It is amazing how they can change the entire atmosphere
Just by being them
They don't try to be perfect
They don't make believe anything
They don't have the ego of a king
They are like a day of spring
When make us to fly as we were a butterfly's wing...



I wish I could make 
The Christmas of all kids around the world
By giving a smile to all of them
The ones who have never lived it...

In essence it is not about dolls or cars or games
Gifts under the Christmas tree
It is about love, sense of belonging, warmth
These are the things that bring happiness
Material things can give an immediate enthusiasm
But they are ephemeral in a long run...

I wish I could feed the kids with a kind of food
That would make them to feel wanted
Willing to embrace life
Believing that it can be promising
Can be a blessing
And that people can be
True and loving ...

I wish I could
Free them of fear and pain
For them to see every day
A rainbow after the rain ....




The mirror was the dimension
Where all the revelations were possible...

She came to it
With steps of hesitation
Forehead sweating
Trembling hands
Uneasiness within...

The mirror started depicting her life
As fragments of a movie

She saw the girl she was
Immersed in her dreams of fairies
Running with the butterflies
Free like a breeze...

She saw the teenager
Prone to adventures
Eager to explore life in full
Inside her lived a tenacious spirit...

She was like a house with many rooms
Each room had a different face
Each room brought up a different feeling
And beauty...

When she saw the flow of events of her life in the mirror
She felt mixed emotions
Sometimes she laughed
Sometimes she cried
Sometimes she missed
Sometimes she got surprised by how much she had lived so far...

She learned that many were the paths
Which opened in front of her
Others had to be built
In certain moments it was hard to make a decision
Of which one to take
Life is a lot about it
Choosing paths
Making decisions....

Her life was not exactly the way she had dreamed of
But things that she had not even imagined came as a surprise
And most of those unexpected experiences
She loved and was grateful for
Because they helped her to mature
To see beyond
To understand deeper...

The last image the mirror depicted
Was of a big tree
It said to the girl:
"Your life is like a tree
There is a time of strong branches
And a time when some branches get dry and die
It has to be watered
It needs sunlight to feel strong
It gives shadows, fruits, and flowers
Other times it struggles for survival
A tree like life
Seems strong on the surface
But fragile it is in its core
So, take a good care of the tree of your life
Be aware of its needs
Its signals
Its changes..."

In the girl's heart
Fear and courage
Lived side by side
There were times of illumination
There were times of contemplation....

The mirror then, at the end
Showed her own self as it was transparent
The girl looked at herself very attentively
She saw her in many layers
The little girl she was
The teenager
The young lady
It was like to get a ride in a time machine
Past, present, and future
Mixed together as one

We are all what we live
We are what we feel
We are what we think
We are a factory of strength and problem solving
Creation and transformation
We are stars in the universe
Come and leave as a comet
Mysterious is the force that move us forward
This mystery the mirror could not reveal
The key to open this door of understanding
Is in the hands of the Almight...




Relationships are built for so many reasons
For business
For friendship
For humanitarian reasons
For love
For admiration
For blood ties
Some even for convenience
Others forcefully...

Relationships are like a chess game
Any move must be well thought, calculated
As relationships between people are sensitive to all kinds of things
A wrong move can ruin them or if not ruin
Leave a mark that will bring up pain or anger
Deception or depression

Relationships help us to learn about ourselves
At the same time we learn from others
A different way of being and seeing things
It is surely a fascinating thing
When the "engine" that makes them work
Is mutual appreciation, respect, and love
So rewarding, uplifting!...

Relationships between children are very transparent
Literal - black and white
They have just two extremes:
The like a lot or the dislike totally
Children relate by sharing things in common
Or for the sake of playing
Of course, the relationships between parents and children
When healthy
Are based on needs, love, learning, and permanence
Negative ones are based on fear, hate, oppression, unhappiness, low self-steem
Abuse of all sorts...

Relationships between teenagers
Are based on attraction, likes, or friendship
Teenagers crave for belonging
For getting fit in a group
Unconditional acceptance
It is a matter of identity
Loyalty, devotion
Taking risks and sense of adventure 
Are also part of their core
They are also very intense
When happy they are extremely happy
Everything one dreams of
When unhappy and fail, bring up a feeling of tragedy
Like a dramatic scene of a movie depicting the end of the world
It is a phase when thoughts and feelings are very polarized inside us

Relationships between adults
Are based on attraction, identification, admiration, trust
Physical attraction or intellectual attraction
Some are looking for absolute commitment with the other
By experiencing 
The challenges of a life in common
Love is a very important ingredient
Loyalty and respect too

Relationships between elderly people
Are based on companionship
Maturity, wisdom, sharing of experiences already lived
Having the sense of protection is very important
Permanence as well

These are just some faces of relationships
But the truth is that there are so many ways to relate
So much diversity regarding meanings and motivations
The stories can be so many... and the outcomes too...

I believe that to learn to relate 
Is the main reason for us to be here in this world
Relationships give us a sense of existence
Safety, comfort, and being worthy to someone
They can bring to the surface the best or the worse in us
They can make grow very positive things
Or destructive ones
It depends on the importance people give to them
How much they prioritze relationships in their lives
 For some it is just a way to satisfy personal needs, nothing else
It is a case of just taking, no giving at all

It is very complex what goes underneath some relationships
Some get addict to them and become extreme dependent
To the point of obsession
At this level of "blindness"
Some kill to not lose a relationship to another person
Some turn a relationship into "slavery"
Dominance is so opressive that suffocates
The other person becomes an object to be owned
The deepest level of possession...

Each new relationship is like a blank canvas
It is a "work in progress"
It demands devotion
A constant giving
Polishing here and there
Through understanding and affection

Some people take relationships for granted
By doing so
They assume people will be there no matter what
So they forget to nourish them
Neglection takes to the lost of their meaning
Respect and love vanish
Relationships without respect or love
Are destined to turn to nothing 
Like sand castles in a stormy day...

Relationships can be very amazing things
We can learn, mature, and grow a lot from them
They can be a source of happiness and beauty
Something to treasure
Something worthy for a lifetime

I am very proud of most of the relationships I have had along my life
Even if some, for some reason, did not work for long
They still brought me something I could learn from
They left memories and a fingerprint within

It is interesting that with some people
The relationship will last and get deep
With others will be just a brief meeting and nothing more
It is just a minute and passes
Will never touch us in any way
Will not become something to be remembered
Or missed

I consider relationships a school
Through others we learn to value certain things
Learn to see the world in perspectives we would not be able to predict by ourselves
Some relationships empower us
Some take all the energy away from us
Leaving just a trace of emptiness and desolation...

Some relationships leave a story
In our hearts and minds
They even change us
For better or worse
They have this power to shape our personality along our lives
They can be pain or healing
Bring light or darkness
Make us love life in full
Or wish to stop living

Relationships demand us to be strong and tolerant
Sensitive, generous, self-confident
They can open doors and windows
Or close all of them in a matter of an instant
Some are a new path of possibilities
Others a dead end

Relationships are challenges
To the world of reason
The world of emotion
Which we are made of

Losing a relationship can be a nightmare
Building one a dream come true
Can be relief or curse

So many things are a possibility
Every time a new relationship comes to us
We can discover things never imagined
We can be so surprised by the way it can makes us feel
About us, others, and life experiences

Relationships are like the ocean
They can be larger than life
Hit us hard
Or just pass almost as an unnoticed wave
They can take us to a complete new dimention
Of colors, sensations, lessons, miracles
Give us strength and courage
They push us to deep waters
Can be made of peaceful waves or tsunamis
Navigate in them can be a journey full of challenges
And unexpected visions
We need to be equipped with humbleness and giving
Listening and understanding
If we want to make them to work
They can be warm and comfort
Or drain us to the bottom and leave us stuck there
Without oxigen to survive

Umpredictable is their fate
Bcz relationships are made of building blocks
They dont come ready
Some relationships become deeply rooted in us
If for some reason they have an end
A part of us will go with the ones we related
Part of them will stay in us
Both parts will turn into memories
Both sides will not die to one another
If the relationship was mutually meaningful

Relationships can be wars or the light at the end of the tunnel
Tenderness or emptiness
Wisdom or ignorance
Sweetness or bitterness
A chance to rewrite life
Or a risk to be exposed to a sort of "emotional death"

What we are doing of our relationships?
How much faith we have on them?
How much we invest of ourselves to keep them?
Is there proper balance between giving and taking?
How much we judge, how much we understand?
How much we accept, how much we neglect?
How much we want to keep it?
At what cost?
How far we are willing to go to keep it?
They bring more conflicts or solutions?
Give sense of loss or gain?
Love or pain??



Today it is all dust and rust
Darkness and painfully empty
The walls are pale
The rooms lifeless...

But there was a time
When this house had a glorious existence...

The sunrays loved to shine on the windows every morning
The walls were decorated with the finest paintings
The rooms had a marble floor
The ceiling charming chandeliers

But these were just details...
The surface

What really gave life to this house
Were the people who spent their entire lives in it
The house witnessed incredible moments
The making of a family
The growth of children
The dramas and comedies
The celebrations and hardships 

People fulfilled the house with love
It made the house warm and cozy
Generations paraded their lives in motion
Every day was something new
Sometimes exciting, sometimes challenging
A family is what gives a house its meaning
A meaning called nest

People in a house are really like a bird in a nest
First the birth
Then the growth
Then the survival skills
Then the learning to prepare to the first flight
Then the day when it is the time to leave the nest
To conquer other skies
But the house will be always there
As a shelther
 If not materialized, as a memory
I always remember my mother's house
Where I spent most of my life
A nest today I miss so much
When I think of it
It is like to be back
To that so protective place

Houses would have so many stories to tell
If they could talk
People are the heart of the house
When there is no people
There is no life
The house is just a thing
Stripped off its identity...



We live all together in this planet
As we were one family
Living under the same roof
All humans
All mortals
Here finishes what we all have in common...

Each individual is a story
Is a world apart
Is an unique fingerprint of thoughts and emotions...

Thoughts which travel to all kinds of places
Some toward darkness
Some toward light
Each individual has unlimitated independence
To build a world within
Where possibilities are plenty
Of living and dying
Discovering and hiding...

The world of emotions
Is the most intricate and challenging one
Some emotions are wild horses
Impossible to tame
They have their own will
Some feelings are elating
Some others are twisted by nature
They have the key to unlock conflicts and instincts
They can bring pain or freedom...

Each individual is a diversity of talents, challenges, and wisdom
Each one can be a master
A school
A prison or a church
We are temples of our own faith
We are products of what we believe...

Along the path of life
All these worlds may run in paralel
Get intertwined
This is the fascinating part
When one feels identified with the other
Generating a new universe of possibilities...

All of us have our own moments of
Weakness and illumination
Dreams and nightmares
Doubts and insights
Isolation and communion...

We were not made to be islands
Self-suficient beings
Not physically, not emotionally
When we are babies
We need to learn to live
By conquering the tools for survival
When we are elderly
We need to learn that life has an expiration date
There will be a day of letting go
In both stages
Being alone is the biggest of the fears
There is an instinct in us
That crave for acceptance and protection
The deepest need of belonging...

We are beings which must be nourished with love
Life seems less threatening
When we know someone cares for us
Reciprocates our feelings
Listens to our thoughts
Shows sincere willingness to understand our emotions
Does not judge our choices or lack of them in life..

Beauty and uglyness are part of this galaxy
Of paralel universes verging to the same fate
We are all different
But sometimes
All the same
We are all learners
But also all masters

Each one writes a story in this existence
A chapter in the book of life
We are like characters on the stage
Professionals in the art of comedy and drama
Factories of making smile and cry

We are the stars of one big sky
Which born to shine and die
Giving space to new stars
It is a never ending process
Of integrating and desintegrating
Adding and subtracting
This is the breath of life
The mission of a living being...

As a legacy
We can leave deep scars in one's world
 The secrets of healing
A promissing path to the next generations
Or a dead end
How big is our responsability
On the stage of life
Where the show never ends
And the audience never stops coming!