It is interesting how some people
Seem to have some sort of magic skill within

They have this ability to bring sun
When it is cloudy

When it is time of turmoil

In the middle of complete chaos

When it is nothing else but darkness

When tears get out of control

When it is winter inside

Where there is emptiness...

They can figure out everything we want to say
Without the need of pronouncing a word

They come as a blessing
From nowhere

They change us
With their unique sensitivity

They care genuinely
They feel what we can't put in words
They see what we can't
Their presence feed our soul
As we have reached heaven

We get so impressed 
By the way they make someone's day blessed

They are good
No matter our mood

They are a place of peace
When everything we miss

They feel like home
At all moments
No matter if celebration or desolation
They are all about conciliation
Pain they turn to elation
Sadness .... gratification

It is amazing how they can change the entire atmosphere
Just by being them
They don't try to be perfect
They don't make believe anything
They don't have the ego of a king
They are like a day of spring
When make us to fly as we were a butterfly's wing...


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