The mirror was the dimension
Where all the revelations were possible...

She came to it
With steps of hesitation
Forehead sweating
Trembling hands
Uneasiness within...

The mirror started depicting her life
As fragments of a movie

She saw the girl she was
Immersed in her dreams of fairies
Running with the butterflies
Free like a breeze...

She saw the teenager
Prone to adventures
Eager to explore life in full
Inside her lived a tenacious spirit...

She was like a house with many rooms
Each room had a different face
Each room brought up a different feeling
And beauty...

When she saw the flow of events of her life in the mirror
She felt mixed emotions
Sometimes she laughed
Sometimes she cried
Sometimes she missed
Sometimes she got surprised by how much she had lived so far...

She learned that many were the paths
Which opened in front of her
Others had to be built
In certain moments it was hard to make a decision
Of which one to take
Life is a lot about it
Choosing paths
Making decisions....

Her life was not exactly the way she had dreamed of
But things that she had not even imagined came as a surprise
And most of those unexpected experiences
She loved and was grateful for
Because they helped her to mature
To see beyond
To understand deeper...

The last image the mirror depicted
Was of a big tree
It said to the girl:
"Your life is like a tree
There is a time of strong branches
And a time when some branches get dry and die
It has to be watered
It needs sunlight to feel strong
It gives shadows, fruits, and flowers
Other times it struggles for survival
A tree like life
Seems strong on the surface
But fragile it is in its core
So, take a good care of the tree of your life
Be aware of its needs
Its signals
Its changes..."

In the girl's heart
Fear and courage
Lived side by side
There were times of illumination
There were times of contemplation....

The mirror then, at the end
Showed her own self as it was transparent
The girl looked at herself very attentively
She saw her in many layers
The little girl she was
The teenager
The young lady
It was like to get a ride in a time machine
Past, present, and future
Mixed together as one

We are all what we live
We are what we feel
We are what we think
We are a factory of strength and problem solving
Creation and transformation
We are stars in the universe
Come and leave as a comet
Mysterious is the force that move us forward
This mystery the mirror could not reveal
The key to open this door of understanding
Is in the hands of the Almight...


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