It is another chapter to start
Wishes to renovate
Hopes to recharge...

A new time has come
There is celebration to some
No changes to others, but the year in the calendar...

If I was God
I would finish all the conflicts around the planet
End inequalities
Give a smile to the ones who are crying
Destitute the ones who make cry...

But I am not God
I am an ordinary human like any other
Unfortunately, I cannot help most
But I can try to do something to the ones around me
In spite of my limitations...

We live in a prejudiced and judgemental world
So much competition, greed
Some with so much blind to the ones with so little
While some live a surreal life of privilege
Others live in a surreal life of absolute deprivation
The Humankind's justice is not impartial, after all...

I dream of a world
Where all have guaranteed a dignifying life
A world ruled by talented minds
Benevolent hearts
Inspirational attitudes
A world made of visionary people
 No room to ignorance
Ignorance keeps the world stuck in sameness
In archaic laws that only benefit the ones which subjugate others...

I dream of a world
Light as children's laugh
Fresh as the ground after the rain
Colorful as a kaleidoscope
Giving as a nurse's hand
Understanding as a pacifist
Nurturing as the good mothers
Peaceful as the horizon in the evening
Promising as life in the heaven land...

I believe that empowering are
Hugs, smiles, hand shakings
Sense of humor
A prayer in a moment of uncertainty
Unexpected compliments
An attentive listening
A presence that speaks volumes when words cannot be found...

In this year that just begun
Lets believe in our dreams
Lets talk more often about love
And less about differences
Lets focus on the facilities more than in the difficulties
Lets practice forgiveness
Lets be grateful to each and every person who makes our lives easier
The garbage man who comes no matter if sun or rain to take away our unwanted everything
The man who removes the snow off the streets while all of us are still sleeping in a warm bed
Lets take these people out of the bubble of the invisibility they live
Without them how difficult life would become to all of us!

Lets keep the mind open and the heart welcoming
Lets be coherent in words and attitudes
Lets make life meaningful to us and to others

Lets not forget that the present is a blessing
"The tomorrows" should not be taken for granted
Much less the human beings who may be part of them...

Happy New Year!
Lets live it with courage in spite of the fear
Lets try to keep love always near
Minds clear
Family and friends dear
Understanding without frontier
Words sincere
Of new ideas to be an engineer
In every gesture of kindness a pioneer!


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