Today it is all dust and rust
Darkness and painfully empty
The walls are pale
The rooms lifeless...

But there was a time
When this house had a glorious existence...

The sunrays loved to shine on the windows every morning
The walls were decorated with the finest paintings
The rooms had a marble floor
The ceiling charming chandeliers

But these were just details...
The surface

What really gave life to this house
Were the people who spent their entire lives in it
The house witnessed incredible moments
The making of a family
The growth of children
The dramas and comedies
The celebrations and hardships 

People fulfilled the house with love
It made the house warm and cozy
Generations paraded their lives in motion
Every day was something new
Sometimes exciting, sometimes challenging
A family is what gives a house its meaning
A meaning called nest

People in a house are really like a bird in a nest
First the birth
Then the growth
Then the survival skills
Then the learning to prepare to the first flight
Then the day when it is the time to leave the nest
To conquer other skies
But the house will be always there
As a shelther
 If not materialized, as a memory
I always remember my mother's house
Where I spent most of my life
A nest today I miss so much
When I think of it
It is like to be back
To that so protective place

Houses would have so many stories to tell
If they could talk
People are the heart of the house
When there is no people
There is no life
The house is just a thing
Stripped off its identity...


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