We live all together in this planet
As we were one family
Living under the same roof
All humans
All mortals
Here finishes what we all have in common...

Each individual is a story
Is a world apart
Is an unique fingerprint of thoughts and emotions...

Thoughts which travel to all kinds of places
Some toward darkness
Some toward light
Each individual has unlimitated independence
To build a world within
Where possibilities are plenty
Of living and dying
Discovering and hiding...

The world of emotions
Is the most intricate and challenging one
Some emotions are wild horses
Impossible to tame
They have their own will
Some feelings are elating
Some others are twisted by nature
They have the key to unlock conflicts and instincts
They can bring pain or freedom...

Each individual is a diversity of talents, challenges, and wisdom
Each one can be a master
A school
A prison or a church
We are temples of our own faith
We are products of what we believe...

Along the path of life
All these worlds may run in paralel
Get intertwined
This is the fascinating part
When one feels identified with the other
Generating a new universe of possibilities...

All of us have our own moments of
Weakness and illumination
Dreams and nightmares
Doubts and insights
Isolation and communion...

We were not made to be islands
Self-suficient beings
Not physically, not emotionally
When we are babies
We need to learn to live
By conquering the tools for survival
When we are elderly
We need to learn that life has an expiration date
There will be a day of letting go
In both stages
Being alone is the biggest of the fears
There is an instinct in us
That crave for acceptance and protection
The deepest need of belonging...

We are beings which must be nourished with love
Life seems less threatening
When we know someone cares for us
Reciprocates our feelings
Listens to our thoughts
Shows sincere willingness to understand our emotions
Does not judge our choices or lack of them in life..

Beauty and uglyness are part of this galaxy
Of paralel universes verging to the same fate
We are all different
But sometimes
All the same
We are all learners
But also all masters

Each one writes a story in this existence
A chapter in the book of life
We are like characters on the stage
Professionals in the art of comedy and drama
Factories of making smile and cry

We are the stars of one big sky
Which born to shine and die
Giving space to new stars
It is a never ending process
Of integrating and desintegrating
Adding and subtracting
This is the breath of life
The mission of a living being...

As a legacy
We can leave deep scars in one's world
 The secrets of healing
A promissing path to the next generations
Or a dead end
How big is our responsability
On the stage of life
Where the show never ends
And the audience never stops coming!


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