The body is surely our official house
Where we spend our whole existence

When we see a house from the outside
We make assumptions about its inside
The body the same way
Both looks can be deceiving
Only who lives inside the house has the perfect portrait of it
How it feels, the dynamic of it, etc...

Along our lives
So much we live in this house
Celebrations, conflicts, uncertainties, discoveries
Conversations, silences
Everything in constant motion
Some people come, some go
Some stay...

Emotions are the house heating and air conditioning systems
It depends on the surrounding atmosphere
Thoughts keep the house busy
They are restless guests
Walking back and forth endlessly

Feelings set the tone of the house mood
Sometimes the house can start having cracks
And may fall to the ground
In other occasions
It is time to proceed with the reconstruction process
The way it will be rebuilt depends on
The reasons why it got demolished

Houses keep secrets, memories
 Have a story of their own
Each house has a particular story and dynamic
Some are spacious others narrow like a corridor
Some have a very efficient maintenance protocol
Others are left without attention, neglected
As the assumption is that it will never get old
Will never have its structure shaked

Some houses have a hostile environment
And many hazards inside
Hazards which can cause damages
To the neighboring houses

The dark ones are cold, decadent
Moldy, claustrophobic
Haunted day and night

Others are full of light, life
Colorful, made to please, to welcome, to spoil
The windows and doors are always open
They are like a magnet
Who comes as a guest
Will enjoy unforgettable moments
Will want to come more often
Or even become permanent resident of it...

The house each one of us live
Is a temple of faith and miracles
Constant changes
Rituals, fears, strengths
Wisdom or ignorance
Kindness or evilness
How much we feel comfortable in it
Depends on the atmosphere we create within
The kind of furniture we bring
How we will chose to accommodate things
The places we will set the spotlights
The diversity of choices are wide

If we do not feel comfortable in our own houses
Nobody will feel
It ill have some bitterness
Will be a house without smiles
Guests, celebrations
It will stay stuck in its sameness
Will be a frustrating place to live in
It will not generate good seeds
Just a pale and empty space



The rule of love is simple
Just let it be
And become to it a devotee...

We learn about love by loving
It can be easy like coughing...

Love grows in the heart
It needs water and food
For it to become really good
It will change your mood
Sometimes makes you feel as nude
As it does not allow other emotions to seclude...

Love has a deep meaning
It is hard to explain this feeling
As it confuses the brain
The whole rational side it can drain
Even if we try hard to translate it
It will still sound vain...

Love when true is warm and cozy
Makes you see everything rosy...

It brings people together
No matter weather
Can make you feel light like a feather...

Love is a two way road
It gives but it also needs
It is generous
But it is also demanding
Without love back it cannot for long stay standing
It is easily prone to misunderstanding...

Love is a very polarizing feeling
It can be strong as well as fragile
Strong to give
Fragile to keep
It is nurturing
But it starts starving if not be fed
I dont think anybody wants to find a feeling like love drop dead, instead!

It is so powerful when widespread
And soft like a loaf of bread
Some people take love as a threat
Fear of vulnerability can be the reason, I bet

It is easier to express love in attitudes 
Than define it in words
A feeling so deep leaves a lot unsaid
And even if words are used to mention it 
There is still a risk of being misread

The law of love
Is to live it in full
Be true
Let it rule
If you do so
You may feel your brain a little funny
Perhaps with a loosen screw
But know that, in this situation, it is a normal occurrence too!

Love is a narcissistic emotion
Wants to be felt as tempting as the best brand lotion
Demands total devotion
Likes to exist in harmonic motion
Causes a lot of commotion
And has an ego as big as the Pacific Ocean!

Lucky are the ones who have experienced love
Because it is not all who will do so
It is not simple to find
In this world so prone to be unkind
It is necessary presence of mind
Otherwise you will lose it far behind
Even before you become by love



Misty morning
The sunrays the earth just started warming
The flowers hold the morning dew
The sky looks beautifully blue
People walk in the streets silent and undisturbable
Their faces do not leave any track of emotion
What they carry in their minds can be as vast as the ocean
Everything seems still in slow motion
Once again, life will demand devotion...

The mother gets her kids ready to school
Everybody should obey each and every home rule
She looks at them with eyes full of tenderness
Her first hug of the day
Comes even before the morning pray
A good mother's feelings never betray

The children feel safe in her presence
She means the world in their hearts
Within them she has gotten so great marks
Many things are hard to be said
There are no words to describe these ties
Even if one hardly tries

The mother unconditionally love
Each child is her treasure
The depth of this affection is impossible to measure
Doing things to the children is for her more than a pleasure...

When the kids leave running across the kitchen
The mother is left in the silence of the house
She sits observing the cat on the floor sleeping
Probably dreaming of catching a mouse

She contemplates her life
At that moment alone
Her thoughts run freely in the mind as fast as a cyclone
So many events left a fingerprint in her heart
Mixed emotions come to the surface
After all, it is impossible to keep them apart

Living is a work of art
Demands a lot from the imagination
Just like a masterpiece
When we start it we never know what will come out from this creation
Of course we can experience frustration
But building a life may still be a source of exhilaration
Do not underestimate it
Not even a bit
You will always find a way to fit
Give a chance to you ... permit!

The beauty of it is everywhere
Why don't you look inside of you?
If you pay attention properly
It will shine like countless constellations
Perhaps.... from it
You will be surprised to find a world of precious revelations...




Love yourself
In imperfections and qualities
Do not expect to be perfect
Do not expect to please everybody around you
It is too much idealism
Really an illusion...

Love yourself
For the obstacles you overcame
For the lessons you have learned
For the mistakes you made trying to learn
For your efforts to do right, even if things got wrong
For every single time you did face your fears...

Love yourself
For the love you have given
For being true and loyal
For being respectful and respectable
For being humble enough to admit your limitations
But at the same time for not let them to discourage you
There is more than one path to find your wished destination...

Love yourself
For being generous
For not trying to be better than anybody else
For not judging
For the things you built along your life
For the difference you made in people's lives
For being flexible enough to accept changes
For having tried to make the best choices
For having kept your life a dignifying one...

Love yourself
Even if you are not what you wanted to be 100%
In spite of the frustrations
In spite of the judgements people make of you...

Love yourself
Bcz you know yourself better than anybody else
And bcz we should not depend only on the love of others
To realize that we deserve to be loved and happy...

Love yourself
With devotion
Do not make of yourself a victim
For a matter of self-respect and self-steem...

Love yourself
Bcz if it was given you a life in this world
God had a purpose for you...

Love yourself
To feel proud and alive
And willing to win the battles along the way...

If you do not love youself
How can you expect others do???

Love yourself
In spite of the vulnerabilities
The falls that have ocurred
Doubts and hesitations... 

Love yourself
And you will find much more beauty within
Than you can imagine!

Love yourself
Believing in yourself

Believing in yourself is the key for success
It will be a source of inspiration to you and others
It will make of your life something much more meaningful...

Love yourself
Bcz you deserve to be loved...
Deserve to be seen...
Deserve to be celebrated...
Deserve to exist...
Deserve to be admired...

Love yourself with absolute sincerity
Exist as someone especial to you 
Make of yourself a priority in your life as well...

Love yourself
Embrace yourself
Make of yourself your own hero!

Love yourself
You are the sunray in a bright day
You are a star in a spring night
You are a flash of light in darkness
You are encouragement
You are wisdom
You are beauty
You are a life
Edifying others
You are love
Warming hearts
Your life can even give a purpose to another one
It is so powerful!...



Every day it seems the same routine
The same things to do
The same people to meet
The same environment
Sameness all the time...

The truth is that everything may not be the same
If we are willing to pay a better attention to what is around us
In front of us, behind us, with us

We human beings are always so in a hurry
That we just put our lives in the "automatic mode"
It becomes like apathy
Apathy in a long run
Causes "blindness" not only of the eyes
But mind, heart, and soul
This way life is just a burden
Heavy to carry on the shoulders
Black and white
Days an identical copy of one another...

The way we look at life
Depends on the circumstances we live, most of the time
To change the perspectives, we must put ourselves in other people's shoes

Every time I feel as life is just the same
I think about a person who was put by force in a concentration camp
The situation is:
No freedom
Lost of identity (a number replaces a name)
No food, no clothes
Family killed on spot
Uncertainty and fear all the time
Physical abuse
Psychological abuse
Emotional abuse
Appalling sanitary conditions
Constant anxiety to the highest level
Lack of sleep
Extreme cold
Being terrorized day and night
Physical and emotional pain
Zero perspective of finding a way out
Fear of being murdered
Fear of death
Wanting to die
Waiting to die
Having the control of own life in one's hands

When I see myself in that condition
It is more than enough of a wake up call to me
It shows me how lucky I am
How rewarding my life is
How grateful I should be for what I have
For the ones I have close to me
For what I can do
For the freedom I have
For being respected, cared for
For having a family, friends
For being able to help others
For being healthy
For having had a childhood
For having gotten my education
For having an identity
For being loved
For having a house to live in
For having a clean bed to sleep
For having food and water
For being able to sleep
To walk, to see, to hear, to taste, to smell
To feel everything
Having clothes in the winter days
Having shoes
Having food to give to my son
Being able to take care of him, protect him
Giving him the chance of being loved and happy
Learning about love
Having protection
Having a life story
Having memories
Having lessons learned
Having my dignity safe
Living in peace
Having my sanity...
All these things bring a world of possibilities
Promising possibilities

By thinking that way, in that kind of situation
Takes me away of the tendency to apathy
It keeps me aware of the beauties life has
The beauties people have
The beauties of nature
The grace of being alive and functioning
The blessing of being the owner of my life
Being free to have a voice
Some responsibilities are hard to carry sometimes
But it is different to have responsibilities
Without a fence around me
To limit my choices
It makes all the difference!

It is easy to criticize
It is so easy to judge
It is so easy to be ungrateful
It is so easy to minimize things
All because it is more convenient to take things and people for granted
It is only when we feel threatened
Or pressured to leave our "comfort zone"
That we open eyes to reality
Reality check is such a fundamental thing
To take us away of the "inertia" we live every day

Taking as an example life in a concentration camp
May sound too dramatic, too unlikely, such an exaggeration
But just the thought of it
Is shocking enough to leave no question about
How lucky we
The ones out of it
Aren't we???



Fragile are relationships, children, life, and one's emotional universe
They all demand unlimited protection
Each one has its own beauty and challenges

Relationships carry so much complexity
It because human's nature is full of intricacies
They are made of slippery roads
Sharp curves
Warning signs
Bumps here and there

Children need guidance
Be reassured of love and target of attention
It is hard for them to have to build a life by their own
The children's world has so many fears
Children need shields
A hand with good intentions
Eyes which reflect acceptance

Is vulnerable like the tree leaves in the beginning of the Fall
It is a certainty at this moment
The next who knows its fate?!
Life is precious and singular in its existence
It has many faces
Many moods
Many personalities
It is hard to define it
As well as enduring its challenges
But life is a very competent teacher
The lessons to be learned are many
Endless and life changing

One's emotional universe
It is like to walk in a crystal store with a very narrow passage
Any careless movement
Can cause big damages
People's feelings
Live in a land
Where to keep constant balance is so fundamental

It seems that everything in life
Is a work in progress
Maybe it is where vulnerability comes from

Sometimes to live
Is to dive blindfolded in a swimming pool
You will have to trust your instincts
To try to capture its risks
Its depth...



Once I had a friend who lived in there
This friend was a very dear one
Very present in my days...

As it is said that friends live in one another's heart
I have been in this place
I have walked in these streets
I have seen this magnificent mosque
I have known a local family
All bcz I was living inside this person
Where she used to walk I was there...

She has been here
Has been in this country I live
Has been between my family
Has been in my home
Bcz she lived in me...

It is interesting how powerful these things are
How we can "transport" ourselves to one's reality
Real life, real thoughts, real dreams, real feelings...

Today I read in a book:
"We may not live in the past, but the past lives in us."
It is so true!

That friend of mine is gone somewhere
But she will forever live in me
Real life, real thoughts, real dreams, real feelings...

I think if one day I go to this place (physically speaking)
I will not feel myself in a strange land
No matter how culturally different it might be compared to here
It will be felt familiar to my heart and eyes...

I wish she could feel the same in here...

I think of her
What she is doing, what she is thinking...
I do



Each country, no matter in what corner of the world
Has a story to tell
A kind of food that pleasantly smell
People of all kinds of shapes, colors, and languages as well...

 Never loses its aristocratic spell
Famous is its Big Ben, a big clock in the center of London that sounds like a bell
At the Houses of the Parliament
People still use wigs and have a funny accent
The Buckingham Palace where the queen lives
A taste of fairy tale gives
The countryside is so adorable
With its cottages
And vast green fields
The ground shields...

Synonyms of elegance and exuberance
Magnificent museums depict its History through art
Everything so beautiful that shakes your heart
The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of France
When you look at it takes you to a state of trance
Paris is a masterpiece
Its architecture takes your breath away
With cafes busy all day
French people love a baguette
In every corner of the city there is a bakery with the name "Banette"
Some people say that Paris is the western capital of fashion
Over there fashion is more than a passion
Castles are everywhere
Like the magazine "Vanity Fair"
They hide stories of kings and queens having an affair
The French royalty's remarkable taste
Shows how much money they did enjoy to waste

Has Tokyo as its capital
Where an apartment is as small as a box
And the business men as astute as a fox
Tokyo is a very busy city
With all the girls dressing as Hello Kitty
The season of the cherry trees is a must see
The only things you can enjoy for free
The bullet train
Runs faster than blood in a vein
Japanese are very conservative about time
If you set a meeting at 12:33
And not arrived at 12:33
People will look at you as you have committed a crime
The Japanese mafia
Is famous for the guys who have their bodies carved with tatoo
Talking about them is more than a taboo
They are very intimidating
When they speak one's bones start shaking

The land of the magnificent Taj Mahal
It is so pretty that raise up everybody's morale
Indian people love food with curry
If you are a sensitive to strong tastes you should worry
Indian food is so spicy
That to survive to one dish
You will have to drink more water than a fish
The Indian ladies use to dress in a very colorful way
In countless temples to their gods they pray
They are proud of the city Bombay
Historic treasures many places portray
In the Ganges River
 Indians rituals display
In occasions like a holy day

In the Emirates
Is like a fairy tale of the Arabian Nights
Its buildings are very different of any other
The wealthy princes
Have very sophisticated dreams of engineering
Skyscrapers are domineering
Dubai is a very modern city
The design of the buildings are so pretty
Over there you pay a lot for beauty
The cabs are always on duty
Foreigners come from all parts of the world
Looking for luxury cars and gold

Is such a festive country
Their folk art is very rich
Their pyramids the eyes bewitch
Mexico was built in a Spanish colonial style
This is a country culturally very fertile
Its cousine versatile
Tacos and burritos can be smelled in a square mile
Mexico city has a huge population
Its Pre-Columbian Maya music brings a lot of celebration
Mexicans love socialization
They are very warmhearted people 
From the moment you arrive
You will feel completely alive

Is a huge country
That has a very impressive History
Some events are wrapped in absolute mystery
Russian people are very smart
And have such a big heart
Russia sent the first astronaut to the moon
That was more powerful than a typhoon
And inspired each and every scientific fiction cartoon
Russia has an extraordinary history of suffering and bravery
Russians worked so hard that they felt that every day was like slavery
The Russian winter is abominable
 It has prevented foreign invasions
In so many occasions
Russia has blessed the world with so many gifted writers
Which wrote books about remarkable fighters
Ana Pavlova was a famous ballerina
Bolshoi ballet has been for generations divine
Its dancers on worldwide stages shine

United States
Has spread its culture to all places
Is a country with many kinds of faces 
Is a land built by immigrants
Its most famous city is New York
Where visitors love to buy, eat
An all kinds of entertainment meet
The Empire State Building
Was built by very fearless men
Who worked with steel
Without being worried about the dangers of the daily height ordeal
Lady Liberty was donated by France
This lady's popularity is immense
A symbol of freedom she became
When the independence from England
The United States did claim
California has the movie stars
And those enormous limousine cars
Land of the glamour and an increased population of poor
It sells the illusion of eternal youth
But it is impossible to take a person back in life to the time of the milk tooth

A giant in expansion
Where the new riches are building mansion after mansion
Its enormous population
Has very hard work as a foundation
The parents value education
And it is so complicated to the children to deal with their expectations
China has an ancient culture
So many dynasties
With tyrant kings
To power they had very strong strings
Envyness and betrays inside the palaces wings
Were notorious in those times
With concubines treated like toys
And the obsession for the birth of boys
Outside the wall of the forbidden city 
Life was not any pretty
The China's wall
Was built to prevent many dynasties to fall
It is a country that suffered a lot invasions
The communist party has many rules and regulations

Each country of the world is full of surprises
As well as a diversity of disguises
How fascinating it would be to be able to visit all of them
I am sure each and every one is really a gem
The planet Earth is a nest of nations
Complex can be international relations
Tolerance and respect for the differences
Is a very important thing
So well said by Mister Martin Luther King.



The day our parents decided to have us
The date of birth
The day we started walking
The first word said
The first day at school
Teenager years
The day we got admitted in college
The graduation
The first job
Leaving parents' home
The day we get marriage
New home
Building a family...

These are just some milestones along our lives
From them we realize how much we grew and learned
How many obstacles we had to endure
How many victories we reached...

All these experiences have something in common
We had people around us all the time
Parents, siblings, relatives,  friends, teachers, office colleagues...
Some became very significant ones
Others passed in a flash of an instant
But all, without any exception, for some purpose
I don't think people come to our lives randomly
God has a reason to send them at a certain time
For a specific reason...

One of the things I find more interesting is that
Some of them we will feel very connected with
In spite of the short time of being together
With others, we may have the opportunity of spending many years
Or even decades together
And even so do not feel any identification
How fascinating from one side... how strange from the other
These things have to do with personality
And the way we emotionally experience to be with a person, I think...
It is true that some remind us others we had already loved
But others are completely brand new
Like a new generation of people in our lives...
Some will influence us in a good way
Others not so
Some we will love platonically
Others the love will be absolutely mutual in nature...

Some human beings which come to this world
Come with big disadvantages
They will not have a family to protect them
Or will have a family that will mistreat them
People who will back stab them
Will experience enormous losses
Will be deprived of so many very important things
Like food, love, happiness
Some will be born with serious disabilities
Some will be abused, will have no freedom
All these experiences/circumstances
Change a lot one's perspective about life, people...
The meaning of them
The meaning of being here!

The truth is that nobody starts the "life race" in the same spot
Will not have the same physical, economical, or emotional conditions
To run it under equal rights
It makes all the difference!!
A child who was born with a disability
Will not be able to live with the same full potential
As the one who was born completely healthy
The one who was born a slave
Will not be able to compete with the same "tools" in a society
In which most members have lived free since the beginning
All these things are facts of life and living, unfortunately
These are the tragedies of the Humankind
As I mentioned in the post "The Forgotten"
By the way, our society is full of labels
"The Forgotten" , "The Privileged"
"The Winners", "The Losers"
"The Chosen", "The Unfit"
"The Pretty", "The Ugly"
and so on...

But in spite of all of that
One thing is true:
Labels do not necessarily determine one's fate
It is not like law
It is not like 2+2= 4
Not all the privileged will enjoy a brilliant and comfortable life from beginning to the end
Not all the unfit will stay unfit for their whole lives
There is something called: free will
That can undermine the "obvious labels rules"

Some people who were born with everything
With all the facilities may take all from granted
And lose everything through a reckless behavior
Poor judgement, wrong attitudes
Some people who were born with all the odds against them
May take from the challenges a strength to overcome them
They will have a firm purpose to win
To build something and prove that they can change their apparently
"Innate fate" of living an undignified existence!

Some people are really, really extraordinary models of inspiration
They had everything against them
But even so
Transformed their struggles
Into promising opportunities
Some who were born with nothing but a life
Grew up and changed countless other lives
They are definitely gifted and a blessing!

When I worked as a nurse
I tried to save any opportunity to learn from my patients
Their feelings and thoughts about life
Their dreams, fears, vicissitudes, prides, victories, losses, likes, and dislikes
Many of them I felt as visionaries
Many times I asked myself if their illnesses
Gave them a kind of new awareness and wisdom
On life, people, experiences, emotions...
Some spoke is a so curious way
As they had seen other worlds
As they had new "glasses" to see ours, as well
Being with them was so fascinating and gratifying to me...
For countless reasons
How grateful I am to them
For having trusted me not only their care
But their visions, emotions, stories, families, memories...
Those were definitely people who changed me a lot!

People are, in fact, remarkable schools
Some teach us what we should be
Some what we should not
Both kinds bring lessons to be learned, somehow...
Contrasts provide very significant lessons!

All people around this whole planet
Have so many kinds of motivations
Experiences, ways of thinking and feeling...
That is why diversity is something to be celebrated
Not seem as a negative influence
There is a reason for all this diversity
God knows as He was the one who created this patchwork
Of people, cultures, colors, races, traditions
Environments, animals species
The laws of Chemistry, Physics, Biology of living creatures
and other phenomenon

I am grateful to all people who have made part of my life so far
For their contributions in my days and lessons they left
Some lessons made of pain
Some others made of joy
Life is made of contrasts, anyway...
Without these contrasts
Perhaps I would never learn to give importance to what I have
To who I am
At least, not properly!



It was given them a life
They lived inside a woman's womb
It was warm and safe
They could make contact with their mother's feelings
Could hear her voice, enjoy the time she felt happy
But as soon as their lifetime inside ended
And a life to the world outside started
All that warm and safe atmosphere simply vanished
But their needs did stay the same...

Now the world was cold and scary
Replacing their mother ... all completely strangers
They did not give them a comfort to live
Food to grow
Joy to feel
But felt as a threat
Their gestures were rough
Their words loveless
Their eyes empty and cruel...

Life in the streets
Was noisy and busy
Nobody had time to them
Nobody cared about their needs
What they were living
What they were feeling
What they were thinking...

The dark nights were so, so cold
The ground so hard
The atmosphere so harsh...

They saw the other kids in pretty clothes
They had shoes and they were clean
They had a home to go
They had food when they got hungry
They did not have to wait to have that
They did not need to worry about going to sleep with a painful belly
Most of all
They had a family that loved them
Gave an unlimited supply of hugs and kisses and attention
Happiness and a dignifying life

Kids in the streets 
Are nobodies in a nobody's life
Nobody's "business"
It is like they exist without existing
They are seen without being looked at
People have forgotten that they are human beings...

They don't know what compassion means
They do not know how to be loved feels inside
They don't know what being wanted is
What being waited is
They don't know about the wonders life and people can have

They have no memory of their past
They don't have a perspective of a future
They just live as much as life pushes them to do so
By instinct of survival....

Their tears do not come out
They are dead inside
Their hearts are a land of desolation
Their minds are full of endless questions
Why they got a life?
Who brought them?
Why they are all alone?
Why people around them are so busy with one another's life
And they have nothing to do with their own?
Why there is no safe place to go?
Why life hurts in the soul?

The homeless kids
Become grown ups with a heart of stone
Everything good was denied to them
Everything bad was their schools
The only thing they learned
Is that life is unfair
The world of people is insensitive

They are the forgotten
Were left to deal with their own fate
Nobody helped them
The ones that came
Came to inflict suffering
Came to betray and lie
Came to use and abandomn

Once I heard this saying:
"Nobody can give what has never gotten"
How these kids can give love
If they have never experienced it?
How these kids can have compassion
If compassion was a strange to them all their lives?
How these kids can understand justice
Is everything they have gotten has been based in injustice?

The penitentiaries are filled with individuals
Which are the yesterday's kids
The unseen
The neglected
The unwanted
It is easy to them to take other people's lives
Because nobody has ever cared about their own
They are the seeds of the Humankind's tragedy

Many scientific studies have been made
To evaluate how long a human being can live without food and water
But where are the interest in learning about
How long a human being can be deprived of love
Be expose to the constant brutality of indifference
 And still keep sanity
Keep faith in life
Keep believing in people's kindness? 

We are all as a society responsible for what "the forgotten" have become!
With the exception of the ones who are born with very serious mental illnesses
All the others could have been saved, I believe
If we as fathers, mothers, siblings, friends, citizens, human beings
Had cared about them before being too late
To remediate the damages
Their fate could have been so different...

We must have love to give to all
If each of us do so
"The forgotten" would never exist

Love makes to grow love
Hate makes to grow hate in most of the cases
Indifference makes to grow "the forgotten"
In "the forgotten" grows unforgiveness
Unforgiveness makes to grow pain and fear in all, without exception...