Fragile are relationships, children, life, and one's emotional universe
They all demand unlimited protection
Each one has its own beauty and challenges

Relationships carry so much complexity
It because human's nature is full of intricacies
They are made of slippery roads
Sharp curves
Warning signs
Bumps here and there

Children need guidance
Be reassured of love and target of attention
It is hard for them to have to build a life by their own
The children's world has so many fears
Children need shields
A hand with good intentions
Eyes which reflect acceptance

Is vulnerable like the tree leaves in the beginning of the Fall
It is a certainty at this moment
The next who knows its fate?!
Life is precious and singular in its existence
It has many faces
Many moods
Many personalities
It is hard to define it
As well as enduring its challenges
But life is a very competent teacher
The lessons to be learned are many
Endless and life changing

One's emotional universe
It is like to walk in a crystal store with a very narrow passage
Any careless movement
Can cause big damages
People's feelings
Live in a land
Where to keep constant balance is so fundamental

It seems that everything in life
Is a work in progress
Maybe it is where vulnerability comes from

Sometimes to live
Is to dive blindfolded in a swimming pool
You will have to trust your instincts
To try to capture its risks
Its depth...


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