Once I had a friend who lived in there
This friend was a very dear one
Very present in my days...

As it is said that friends live in one another's heart
I have been in this place
I have walked in these streets
I have seen this magnificent mosque
I have known a local family
All bcz I was living inside this person
Where she used to walk I was there...

She has been here
Has been in this country I live
Has been between my family
Has been in my home
Bcz she lived in me...

It is interesting how powerful these things are
How we can "transport" ourselves to one's reality
Real life, real thoughts, real dreams, real feelings...

Today I read in a book:
"We may not live in the past, but the past lives in us."
It is so true!

That friend of mine is gone somewhere
But she will forever live in me
Real life, real thoughts, real dreams, real feelings...

I think if one day I go to this place (physically speaking)
I will not feel myself in a strange land
No matter how culturally different it might be compared to here
It will be felt familiar to my heart and eyes...

I wish she could feel the same in here...

I think of her
What she is doing, what she is thinking...
I do



Anonymous said...


i hope you are alright...!
prayers for your happiness always
Love and peace...!

Simone said...

Is it you, Ti?