It was given them a life
They lived inside a woman's womb
It was warm and safe
They could make contact with their mother's feelings
Could hear her voice, enjoy the time she felt happy
But as soon as their lifetime inside ended
And a life to the world outside started
All that warm and safe atmosphere simply vanished
But their needs did stay the same...

Now the world was cold and scary
Replacing their mother ... all completely strangers
They did not give them a comfort to live
Food to grow
Joy to feel
But felt as a threat
Their gestures were rough
Their words loveless
Their eyes empty and cruel...

Life in the streets
Was noisy and busy
Nobody had time to them
Nobody cared about their needs
What they were living
What they were feeling
What they were thinking...

The dark nights were so, so cold
The ground so hard
The atmosphere so harsh...

They saw the other kids in pretty clothes
They had shoes and they were clean
They had a home to go
They had food when they got hungry
They did not have to wait to have that
They did not need to worry about going to sleep with a painful belly
Most of all
They had a family that loved them
Gave an unlimited supply of hugs and kisses and attention
Happiness and a dignifying life

Kids in the streets 
Are nobodies in a nobody's life
Nobody's "business"
It is like they exist without existing
They are seen without being looked at
People have forgotten that they are human beings...

They don't know what compassion means
They do not know how to be loved feels inside
They don't know what being wanted is
What being waited is
They don't know about the wonders life and people can have

They have no memory of their past
They don't have a perspective of a future
They just live as much as life pushes them to do so
By instinct of survival....

Their tears do not come out
They are dead inside
Their hearts are a land of desolation
Their minds are full of endless questions
Why they got a life?
Who brought them?
Why they are all alone?
Why people around them are so busy with one another's life
And they have nothing to do with their own?
Why there is no safe place to go?
Why life hurts in the soul?

The homeless kids
Become grown ups with a heart of stone
Everything good was denied to them
Everything bad was their schools
The only thing they learned
Is that life is unfair
The world of people is insensitive

They are the forgotten
Were left to deal with their own fate
Nobody helped them
The ones that came
Came to inflict suffering
Came to betray and lie
Came to use and abandomn

Once I heard this saying:
"Nobody can give what has never gotten"
How these kids can give love
If they have never experienced it?
How these kids can have compassion
If compassion was a strange to them all their lives?
How these kids can understand justice
Is everything they have gotten has been based in injustice?

The penitentiaries are filled with individuals
Which are the yesterday's kids
The unseen
The neglected
The unwanted
It is easy to them to take other people's lives
Because nobody has ever cared about their own
They are the seeds of the Humankind's tragedy

Many scientific studies have been made
To evaluate how long a human being can live without food and water
But where are the interest in learning about
How long a human being can be deprived of love
Be expose to the constant brutality of indifference
 And still keep sanity
Keep faith in life
Keep believing in people's kindness? 

We are all as a society responsible for what "the forgotten" have become!
With the exception of the ones who are born with very serious mental illnesses
All the others could have been saved, I believe
If we as fathers, mothers, siblings, friends, citizens, human beings
Had cared about them before being too late
To remediate the damages
Their fate could have been so different...

We must have love to give to all
If each of us do so
"The forgotten" would never exist

Love makes to grow love
Hate makes to grow hate in most of the cases
Indifference makes to grow "the forgotten"
In "the forgotten" grows unforgiveness
Unforgiveness makes to grow pain and fear in all, without exception...


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