The body is surely our official house
Where we spend our whole existence

When we see a house from the outside
We make assumptions about its inside
The body the same way
Both looks can be deceiving
Only who lives inside the house has the perfect portrait of it
How it feels, the dynamic of it, etc...

Along our lives
So much we live in this house
Celebrations, conflicts, uncertainties, discoveries
Conversations, silences
Everything in constant motion
Some people come, some go
Some stay...

Emotions are the house heating and air conditioning systems
It depends on the surrounding atmosphere
Thoughts keep the house busy
They are restless guests
Walking back and forth endlessly

Feelings set the tone of the house mood
Sometimes the house can start having cracks
And may fall to the ground
In other occasions
It is time to proceed with the reconstruction process
The way it will be rebuilt depends on
The reasons why it got demolished

Houses keep secrets, memories
 Have a story of their own
Each house has a particular story and dynamic
Some are spacious others narrow like a corridor
Some have a very efficient maintenance protocol
Others are left without attention, neglected
As the assumption is that it will never get old
Will never have its structure shaked

Some houses have a hostile environment
And many hazards inside
Hazards which can cause damages
To the neighboring houses

The dark ones are cold, decadent
Moldy, claustrophobic
Haunted day and night

Others are full of light, life
Colorful, made to please, to welcome, to spoil
The windows and doors are always open
They are like a magnet
Who comes as a guest
Will enjoy unforgettable moments
Will want to come more often
Or even become permanent resident of it...

The house each one of us live
Is a temple of faith and miracles
Constant changes
Rituals, fears, strengths
Wisdom or ignorance
Kindness or evilness
How much we feel comfortable in it
Depends on the atmosphere we create within
The kind of furniture we bring
How we will chose to accommodate things
The places we will set the spotlights
The diversity of choices are wide

If we do not feel comfortable in our own houses
Nobody will feel
It ill have some bitterness
Will be a house without smiles
Guests, celebrations
It will stay stuck in its sameness
Will be a frustrating place to live in
It will not generate good seeds
Just a pale and empty space


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