Misty morning
The sunrays the earth just started warming
The flowers hold the morning dew
The sky looks beautifully blue
People walk in the streets silent and undisturbable
Their faces do not leave any track of emotion
What they carry in their minds can be as vast as the ocean
Everything seems still in slow motion
Once again, life will demand devotion...

The mother gets her kids ready to school
Everybody should obey each and every home rule
She looks at them with eyes full of tenderness
Her first hug of the day
Comes even before the morning pray
A good mother's feelings never betray

The children feel safe in her presence
She means the world in their hearts
Within them she has gotten so great marks
Many things are hard to be said
There are no words to describe these ties
Even if one hardly tries

The mother unconditionally love
Each child is her treasure
The depth of this affection is impossible to measure
Doing things to the children is for her more than a pleasure...

When the kids leave running across the kitchen
The mother is left in the silence of the house
She sits observing the cat on the floor sleeping
Probably dreaming of catching a mouse

She contemplates her life
At that moment alone
Her thoughts run freely in the mind as fast as a cyclone
So many events left a fingerprint in her heart
Mixed emotions come to the surface
After all, it is impossible to keep them apart

Living is a work of art
Demands a lot from the imagination
Just like a masterpiece
When we start it we never know what will come out from this creation
Of course we can experience frustration
But building a life may still be a source of exhilaration
Do not underestimate it
Not even a bit
You will always find a way to fit
Give a chance to you ... permit!

The beauty of it is everywhere
Why don't you look inside of you?
If you pay attention properly
It will shine like countless constellations
Perhaps.... from it
You will be surprised to find a world of precious revelations...


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