Love yourself
In imperfections and qualities
Do not expect to be perfect
Do not expect to please everybody around you
It is too much idealism
Really an illusion...

Love yourself
For the obstacles you overcame
For the lessons you have learned
For the mistakes you made trying to learn
For your efforts to do right, even if things got wrong
For every single time you did face your fears...

Love yourself
For the love you have given
For being true and loyal
For being respectful and respectable
For being humble enough to admit your limitations
But at the same time for not let them to discourage you
There is more than one path to find your wished destination...

Love yourself
For being generous
For not trying to be better than anybody else
For not judging
For the things you built along your life
For the difference you made in people's lives
For being flexible enough to accept changes
For having tried to make the best choices
For having kept your life a dignifying one...

Love yourself
Even if you are not what you wanted to be 100%
In spite of the frustrations
In spite of the judgements people make of you...

Love yourself
Bcz you know yourself better than anybody else
And bcz we should not depend only on the love of others
To realize that we deserve to be loved and happy...

Love yourself
With devotion
Do not make of yourself a victim
For a matter of self-respect and self-steem...

Love yourself
Bcz if it was given you a life in this world
God had a purpose for you...

Love yourself
To feel proud and alive
And willing to win the battles along the way...

If you do not love youself
How can you expect others do???

Love yourself
In spite of the vulnerabilities
The falls that have ocurred
Doubts and hesitations... 

Love yourself
And you will find much more beauty within
Than you can imagine!

Love yourself
Believing in yourself

Believing in yourself is the key for success
It will be a source of inspiration to you and others
It will make of your life something much more meaningful...

Love yourself
Bcz you deserve to be loved...
Deserve to be seen...
Deserve to be celebrated...
Deserve to exist...
Deserve to be admired...

Love yourself with absolute sincerity
Exist as someone especial to you 
Make of yourself a priority in your life as well...

Love yourself
Embrace yourself
Make of yourself your own hero!

Love yourself
You are the sunray in a bright day
You are a star in a spring night
You are a flash of light in darkness
You are encouragement
You are wisdom
You are beauty
You are a life
Edifying others
You are love
Warming hearts
Your life can even give a purpose to another one
It is so powerful!...


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