Each country, no matter in what corner of the world
Has a story to tell
A kind of food that pleasantly smell
People of all kinds of shapes, colors, and languages as well...

 Never loses its aristocratic spell
Famous is its Big Ben, a big clock in the center of London that sounds like a bell
At the Houses of the Parliament
People still use wigs and have a funny accent
The Buckingham Palace where the queen lives
A taste of fairy tale gives
The countryside is so adorable
With its cottages
And vast green fields
The ground shields...

Synonyms of elegance and exuberance
Magnificent museums depict its History through art
Everything so beautiful that shakes your heart
The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of France
When you look at it takes you to a state of trance
Paris is a masterpiece
Its architecture takes your breath away
With cafes busy all day
French people love a baguette
In every corner of the city there is a bakery with the name "Banette"
Some people say that Paris is the western capital of fashion
Over there fashion is more than a passion
Castles are everywhere
Like the magazine "Vanity Fair"
They hide stories of kings and queens having an affair
The French royalty's remarkable taste
Shows how much money they did enjoy to waste

Has Tokyo as its capital
Where an apartment is as small as a box
And the business men as astute as a fox
Tokyo is a very busy city
With all the girls dressing as Hello Kitty
The season of the cherry trees is a must see
The only things you can enjoy for free
The bullet train
Runs faster than blood in a vein
Japanese are very conservative about time
If you set a meeting at 12:33
And not arrived at 12:33
People will look at you as you have committed a crime
The Japanese mafia
Is famous for the guys who have their bodies carved with tatoo
Talking about them is more than a taboo
They are very intimidating
When they speak one's bones start shaking

The land of the magnificent Taj Mahal
It is so pretty that raise up everybody's morale
Indian people love food with curry
If you are a sensitive to strong tastes you should worry
Indian food is so spicy
That to survive to one dish
You will have to drink more water than a fish
The Indian ladies use to dress in a very colorful way
In countless temples to their gods they pray
They are proud of the city Bombay
Historic treasures many places portray
In the Ganges River
 Indians rituals display
In occasions like a holy day

In the Emirates
Is like a fairy tale of the Arabian Nights
Its buildings are very different of any other
The wealthy princes
Have very sophisticated dreams of engineering
Skyscrapers are domineering
Dubai is a very modern city
The design of the buildings are so pretty
Over there you pay a lot for beauty
The cabs are always on duty
Foreigners come from all parts of the world
Looking for luxury cars and gold

Is such a festive country
Their folk art is very rich
Their pyramids the eyes bewitch
Mexico was built in a Spanish colonial style
This is a country culturally very fertile
Its cousine versatile
Tacos and burritos can be smelled in a square mile
Mexico city has a huge population
Its Pre-Columbian Maya music brings a lot of celebration
Mexicans love socialization
They are very warmhearted people 
From the moment you arrive
You will feel completely alive

Is a huge country
That has a very impressive History
Some events are wrapped in absolute mystery
Russian people are very smart
And have such a big heart
Russia sent the first astronaut to the moon
That was more powerful than a typhoon
And inspired each and every scientific fiction cartoon
Russia has an extraordinary history of suffering and bravery
Russians worked so hard that they felt that every day was like slavery
The Russian winter is abominable
 It has prevented foreign invasions
In so many occasions
Russia has blessed the world with so many gifted writers
Which wrote books about remarkable fighters
Ana Pavlova was a famous ballerina
Bolshoi ballet has been for generations divine
Its dancers on worldwide stages shine

United States
Has spread its culture to all places
Is a country with many kinds of faces 
Is a land built by immigrants
Its most famous city is New York
Where visitors love to buy, eat
An all kinds of entertainment meet
The Empire State Building
Was built by very fearless men
Who worked with steel
Without being worried about the dangers of the daily height ordeal
Lady Liberty was donated by France
This lady's popularity is immense
A symbol of freedom she became
When the independence from England
The United States did claim
California has the movie stars
And those enormous limousine cars
Land of the glamour and an increased population of poor
It sells the illusion of eternal youth
But it is impossible to take a person back in life to the time of the milk tooth

A giant in expansion
Where the new riches are building mansion after mansion
Its enormous population
Has very hard work as a foundation
The parents value education
And it is so complicated to the children to deal with their expectations
China has an ancient culture
So many dynasties
With tyrant kings
To power they had very strong strings
Envyness and betrays inside the palaces wings
Were notorious in those times
With concubines treated like toys
And the obsession for the birth of boys
Outside the wall of the forbidden city 
Life was not any pretty
The China's wall
Was built to prevent many dynasties to fall
It is a country that suffered a lot invasions
The communist party has many rules and regulations

Each country of the world is full of surprises
As well as a diversity of disguises
How fascinating it would be to be able to visit all of them
I am sure each and every one is really a gem
The planet Earth is a nest of nations
Complex can be international relations
Tolerance and respect for the differences
Is a very important thing
So well said by Mister Martin Luther King.


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