The rule of love is simple
Just let it be
And become to it a devotee...

We learn about love by loving
It can be easy like coughing...

Love grows in the heart
It needs water and food
For it to become really good
It will change your mood
Sometimes makes you feel as nude
As it does not allow other emotions to seclude...

Love has a deep meaning
It is hard to explain this feeling
As it confuses the brain
The whole rational side it can drain
Even if we try hard to translate it
It will still sound vain...

Love when true is warm and cozy
Makes you see everything rosy...

It brings people together
No matter weather
Can make you feel light like a feather...

Love is a two way road
It gives but it also needs
It is generous
But it is also demanding
Without love back it cannot for long stay standing
It is easily prone to misunderstanding...

Love is a very polarizing feeling
It can be strong as well as fragile
Strong to give
Fragile to keep
It is nurturing
But it starts starving if not be fed
I dont think anybody wants to find a feeling like love drop dead, instead!

It is so powerful when widespread
And soft like a loaf of bread
Some people take love as a threat
Fear of vulnerability can be the reason, I bet

It is easier to express love in attitudes 
Than define it in words
A feeling so deep leaves a lot unsaid
And even if words are used to mention it 
There is still a risk of being misread

The law of love
Is to live it in full
Be true
Let it rule
If you do so
You may feel your brain a little funny
Perhaps with a loosen screw
But know that, in this situation, it is a normal occurrence too!

Love is a narcissistic emotion
Wants to be felt as tempting as the best brand lotion
Demands total devotion
Likes to exist in harmonic motion
Causes a lot of commotion
And has an ego as big as the Pacific Ocean!

Lucky are the ones who have experienced love
Because it is not all who will do so
It is not simple to find
In this world so prone to be unkind
It is necessary presence of mind
Otherwise you will lose it far behind
Even before you become by love


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