Every day it seems the same routine
The same things to do
The same people to meet
The same environment
Sameness all the time...

The truth is that everything may not be the same
If we are willing to pay a better attention to what is around us
In front of us, behind us, with us

We human beings are always so in a hurry
That we just put our lives in the "automatic mode"
It becomes like apathy
Apathy in a long run
Causes "blindness" not only of the eyes
But mind, heart, and soul
This way life is just a burden
Heavy to carry on the shoulders
Black and white
Days an identical copy of one another...

The way we look at life
Depends on the circumstances we live, most of the time
To change the perspectives, we must put ourselves in other people's shoes

Every time I feel as life is just the same
I think about a person who was put by force in a concentration camp
The situation is:
No freedom
Lost of identity (a number replaces a name)
No food, no clothes
Family killed on spot
Uncertainty and fear all the time
Physical abuse
Psychological abuse
Emotional abuse
Appalling sanitary conditions
Constant anxiety to the highest level
Lack of sleep
Extreme cold
Being terrorized day and night
Physical and emotional pain
Zero perspective of finding a way out
Fear of being murdered
Fear of death
Wanting to die
Waiting to die
Having the control of own life in one's hands

When I see myself in that condition
It is more than enough of a wake up call to me
It shows me how lucky I am
How rewarding my life is
How grateful I should be for what I have
For the ones I have close to me
For what I can do
For the freedom I have
For being respected, cared for
For having a family, friends
For being able to help others
For being healthy
For having had a childhood
For having gotten my education
For having an identity
For being loved
For having a house to live in
For having a clean bed to sleep
For having food and water
For being able to sleep
To walk, to see, to hear, to taste, to smell
To feel everything
Having clothes in the winter days
Having shoes
Having food to give to my son
Being able to take care of him, protect him
Giving him the chance of being loved and happy
Learning about love
Having protection
Having a life story
Having memories
Having lessons learned
Having my dignity safe
Living in peace
Having my sanity...
All these things bring a world of possibilities
Promising possibilities

By thinking that way, in that kind of situation
Takes me away of the tendency to apathy
It keeps me aware of the beauties life has
The beauties people have
The beauties of nature
The grace of being alive and functioning
The blessing of being the owner of my life
Being free to have a voice
Some responsibilities are hard to carry sometimes
But it is different to have responsibilities
Without a fence around me
To limit my choices
It makes all the difference!

It is easy to criticize
It is so easy to judge
It is so easy to be ungrateful
It is so easy to minimize things
All because it is more convenient to take things and people for granted
It is only when we feel threatened
Or pressured to leave our "comfort zone"
That we open eyes to reality
Reality check is such a fundamental thing
To take us away of the "inertia" we live every day

Taking as an example life in a concentration camp
May sound too dramatic, too unlikely, such an exaggeration
But just the thought of it
Is shocking enough to leave no question about
How lucky we
The ones out of it
Aren't we???


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