The day our parents decided to have us
The date of birth
The day we started walking
The first word said
The first day at school
Teenager years
The day we got admitted in college
The graduation
The first job
Leaving parents' home
The day we get marriage
New home
Building a family...

These are just some milestones along our lives
From them we realize how much we grew and learned
How many obstacles we had to endure
How many victories we reached...

All these experiences have something in common
We had people around us all the time
Parents, siblings, relatives,  friends, teachers, office colleagues...
Some became very significant ones
Others passed in a flash of an instant
But all, without any exception, for some purpose
I don't think people come to our lives randomly
God has a reason to send them at a certain time
For a specific reason...

One of the things I find more interesting is that
Some of them we will feel very connected with
In spite of the short time of being together
With others, we may have the opportunity of spending many years
Or even decades together
And even so do not feel any identification
How fascinating from one side... how strange from the other
These things have to do with personality
And the way we emotionally experience to be with a person, I think...
It is true that some remind us others we had already loved
But others are completely brand new
Like a new generation of people in our lives...
Some will influence us in a good way
Others not so
Some we will love platonically
Others the love will be absolutely mutual in nature...

Some human beings which come to this world
Come with big disadvantages
They will not have a family to protect them
Or will have a family that will mistreat them
People who will back stab them
Will experience enormous losses
Will be deprived of so many very important things
Like food, love, happiness
Some will be born with serious disabilities
Some will be abused, will have no freedom
All these experiences/circumstances
Change a lot one's perspective about life, people...
The meaning of them
The meaning of being here!

The truth is that nobody starts the "life race" in the same spot
Will not have the same physical, economical, or emotional conditions
To run it under equal rights
It makes all the difference!!
A child who was born with a disability
Will not be able to live with the same full potential
As the one who was born completely healthy
The one who was born a slave
Will not be able to compete with the same "tools" in a society
In which most members have lived free since the beginning
All these things are facts of life and living, unfortunately
These are the tragedies of the Humankind
As I mentioned in the post "The Forgotten"
By the way, our society is full of labels
"The Forgotten" , "The Privileged"
"The Winners", "The Losers"
"The Chosen", "The Unfit"
"The Pretty", "The Ugly"
and so on...

But in spite of all of that
One thing is true:
Labels do not necessarily determine one's fate
It is not like law
It is not like 2+2= 4
Not all the privileged will enjoy a brilliant and comfortable life from beginning to the end
Not all the unfit will stay unfit for their whole lives
There is something called: free will
That can undermine the "obvious labels rules"

Some people who were born with everything
With all the facilities may take all from granted
And lose everything through a reckless behavior
Poor judgement, wrong attitudes
Some people who were born with all the odds against them
May take from the challenges a strength to overcome them
They will have a firm purpose to win
To build something and prove that they can change their apparently
"Innate fate" of living an undignified existence!

Some people are really, really extraordinary models of inspiration
They had everything against them
But even so
Transformed their struggles
Into promising opportunities
Some who were born with nothing but a life
Grew up and changed countless other lives
They are definitely gifted and a blessing!

When I worked as a nurse
I tried to save any opportunity to learn from my patients
Their feelings and thoughts about life
Their dreams, fears, vicissitudes, prides, victories, losses, likes, and dislikes
Many of them I felt as visionaries
Many times I asked myself if their illnesses
Gave them a kind of new awareness and wisdom
On life, people, experiences, emotions...
Some spoke is a so curious way
As they had seen other worlds
As they had new "glasses" to see ours, as well
Being with them was so fascinating and gratifying to me...
For countless reasons
How grateful I am to them
For having trusted me not only their care
But their visions, emotions, stories, families, memories...
Those were definitely people who changed me a lot!

People are, in fact, remarkable schools
Some teach us what we should be
Some what we should not
Both kinds bring lessons to be learned, somehow...
Contrasts provide very significant lessons!

All people around this whole planet
Have so many kinds of motivations
Experiences, ways of thinking and feeling...
That is why diversity is something to be celebrated
Not seem as a negative influence
There is a reason for all this diversity
God knows as He was the one who created this patchwork
Of people, cultures, colors, races, traditions
Environments, animals species
The laws of Chemistry, Physics, Biology of living creatures
and other phenomenon

I am grateful to all people who have made part of my life so far
For their contributions in my days and lessons they left
Some lessons made of pain
Some others made of joy
Life is made of contrasts, anyway...
Without these contrasts
Perhaps I would never learn to give importance to what I have
To who I am
At least, not properly!


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