A storm was about to burst
The clouds were in a hurry back and forth
The sky was heavy
Gray, black, purple layers intertwined...

A sense of apprehension was in the air
The naive breeze was slashed by an evil blast
It was hard to breath
Unexpected turn of events...

My thoughts rushed in despair just like the clouds over me
Surreal ones
Full of unconceivable meanings
My mind was lost somewhere
I could not take the reins of it...

The heart was hysterical too
Pumping strongly behind the chest
As a bird about to go out in a desperate flight...

The emotions of the weather around me
Were the same as the ones in the storm inside
For an instant the two worlds were in perfect consonance of moods...

Impressive storms
A journey through the unknown
Nourishment to the imagination
Everything is possible to have its shape changed
This is the plasticity of life
Within and out.



Having found them was to rescue
A life made of a multitude of mixed emotions

Those aged pages
Blurred handwriting
Took me back to a time of fascination
It was all so light and pleasant
The moods colorful and alive as a night of fireworks

The words translated the faces, the beauty, the intentions
Everything so innocent
There was a willingness to embrace life
As it had a shape and could be hugged by all sides

People were transparent like crystal
They were so bright
So interested in long conversations
That crossed the darkness of starry nights
The atmosphere bewildered the souls
Intertwined in love and complicity

The letters still had the perfume of those sweet moments
I could be there again
Enjoying the gifted nature of all
I could see the smiles
Hear the voices
Read the expressions
Touch the hands
Understand the strategy of silences

A time that touched my heart
A time that changed all the layers of my being
A time that took me away of the ordinary things
It was a world of unexpected events
Deep living
So extraordinary dreaming...



Nowadays, we face conflicts spread in many places around the world. Some are in their full potential and others in potential state to explode at any time. Wars always bring the most straight and revealing scenario for us to understand the polarizing feelings of love and hate, kindness and evilness. These faces of war keep my mind restless. I think a lot about it, the destructiveness, the horrible outcomes, the pains and losses, and psychological traumas and desolation they bring. Wars happen due to intolerance, greed, prejudice, thirst for money, power, privilege, and influence. As usual, the ones who retain more resources both military and economic will prevail over others. The most terrible aspect of war for me is the fact that most people which live the so devastating consequences of it are the ones who have nothing to do with the planning of it. Most are caught in the middle of a conflict they may not even understand. Others are forced to fight, to stand by one side, even if there is no any willingness to do so, as for them the peace is the only dream to keep.
In wars, it is possible to see the highest level of altruism and the lowest level of ignorance and primitive instincts. Love is the healing force, cruelty the wound opener factor. Social inequality and prejudice trigger the chain of events that lead to most conflicts between human beings. Social inequality reveals the greedy and selfish nature of some which do not care about others, can see just themselves and their families, and do only what is convenient to their well being. Other people's well being do not matter! Prejudice shows how hard it is for some to deal with diversity, with what is different ("deviance" of what should be the "standard being"). Human beings seem to have this inclination to give labels, to classify, to segregate, to categorize, and to determine laws of hierarchy. This inclination feeds intolerance. Intolerance is a weed that spreads prosecution and hate, leading people farther and farther from love.
I would like to discuss more about all these aspects which are so important to be understood in their core, for us to be more and more aware of what is needed to build bridges instead of walls. I hope the ones who come here to read the posts, leave comments for all of us learn from each other.



Some days ago, I watched this movie and I can say it is an extraordinarily touching true story of unconditional love and restless devotion. Rolland Baker and Heidi Baker are two missionaries who moved to Mozambique many years ago to try to help kids which became orphans after the country endured many conflicts. When Rolland and Heidi arrived in Mozambique, found lots of children in an orphanage and several others in the streets. A local person told them that the vast majority of kids were HIV+, had also others sexually transmitted diseases, no education, some were aggressive, others were abused by their families physically, sexually, and mentally, the older ones addicted to drugs, into prostitution, and all of them were extremely poor. The scenery was really devastating and the local person told to the missionaries that would be a waste of time and money to take care of those kids as he said that they would never be somebody in life. But the missionaries told that those were the exactly kids they were looking for and started helping them day and night. Some were adopted by them others were taken to stay a period of time in their house as part of the family, especially the ones from the streets. 
More than food, education, and medical assistance, those kids got something they have never had: love. Mama Heidi, the way they called Miss Baker, gave them more love than most of the people in this world could dream of experiencing. Those kids started being seen finally as human beings. They had suffered so, so much for lack of affection, respect, protection, they had so severe fears, psychological and physical scars/traumas, their bodies were sick as well as their hearts, minds, and souls. Many were left to die others were neglected in all ways as well.
What was very moving to me was to see Miss Baker always surrounded by many kids, the kids she saved the dignity and life. She was all hugs, kisses, sweet words, encouragement, comfort, protection... She gave them a life with stability, a safe shelter to live without being afraid of being hurt again or starve to death! She looked deeply at their eyes, saw their potentials, believed in them. She made them to experience love, laugh, and a good life for the very first time. She did not care if they were sick or dirty, there was always a hug to give, she made them always welcome in her house, life, and heart. Miss Baker's gift for giving is one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen in a human being. Mister and Miss Baker risked their lives in a war zone to be with those kids and, most of all, to give a chance to them to have a dignifying life. They had an unshakable faith in God and in those kids. The love, happiness, encouragement, protection, respect, and food helped them to succeed.
Miss Baker told that she always wanted to see people by their inside and wanted to love the unlovable. How huge is that statement!!! Extraordinary!!! I will never forget this person, her giving, her children, and her legacy. I wish I could do the same thing for children in orphanages, especially the ones physically and mentally disabled in war zones. These ones which are the most vulnerable, the ones who are the deepest hurt in a world made of so prejudiced people like ours.



The people of Syria are fighting for their freedom
Painful has been their martyrdom...

They saw the liberation of other countries from dictatorship
Freedom became their dream
What would raise so much their self-esteem...

Politicians only do what is convenient to them
The Syrian dictator has been the most evil man
He does not care about his people
He does care about his power
He has proven to be a real ruthless coward
By using the army to slaughter the population 
Which live endless days of desolation

He is not (at all!) considering abdication
The only thing his ego allows is to live immersed in absolute blind adoration
And the Syrians in the lowest level of subjugation
He does not admit confrontation against him
Even if the price will be to lead his people
To the path of complete annihilation

Lives and lives are being lost
From one side in name of freedom
Other side in the name of permanence in power
Both sides at any cost

The world seems to live in state of denial
Regarding the turmoil in Syria
No government has plans to indict the dictation to trial
For crimes against Humanity
It is becoming a case of insanity
While for the Syrian ruler
A matter of vanity

The Syrian people are in the most complete vulnerable situation
Fighting under the most absolute frustration
So bravely they resist
To their pain there is no translation
Lives so long under egotistical domination
They are tired of having no hope for liberation...

I really hope they conquer their day of celebration
When the oppressors withdrawn
In a forever gone
The people deserve to have a voice
More than that .... a choice
Chance to enjoy their rights respected
Chance to write a new chapter for their nation
Better perspectives of growth and happiness to the next generation

I hope the lives which were lost in the name of this cause
Have not been in vain
That their right for freedom
Never ever be seen again by the outsiders with disdain

Life under constant oppression
Has a limit called dignity
The Syrian people are fighting to keep their dignity
One's dignity is one's utmost identity

The Syrian people are in the middle of bullets and indifference
Their government is all repression
The nations abroad all neglection
Each new life lost
Is a line crossed
Families are mutilated
Children are terrorized
A whole nation deeply hurt
Every time a piece of skin by a bullet is cut

Human beings looking for love and happiness
Life seems to be a constant battle between kindness and evilness
Accusation and forgiveness
Losses and achievements
Healing and destructiveness
Compassion and bitterness
Giving and selfishness
Justice and forgetfulness...

God bless the brave Syrians
I hope they reach their ideals of freedom
Have their voices heard
Their wings moving as a sea bird
And witness their entire nation from a new dream rebirth...



Here, under this shade
I feel as I am not alone
Something above me
Protects everything of my own...

The shade is like a blanket
Does not let me feel vulnerable
I trust it completely
To take care of my integrity...

While this shade is with me
Whatever bad thing may happen
 I will still be fine
As if it came to me as a gift from heaven...

It brings a fresh breeze and comfort
In the ardent heat of summer days
Otherwise the sunrays would burn my skin
Out layers and within...

The shade became my only companion
Throughout my life
An intimate relationship
Like the bees share inside the hive...

The serenity of soul the shade brought me
Gave me peace to be
My real self
It was such a relief
Beyond belief...

The complicity the shade and I shared
Made me feel deeply cared
As the shade was the being
 With the most beautiful heart
I have ever seen...