Some days ago, I watched this movie and I can say it is an extraordinarily touching true story of unconditional love and restless devotion. Rolland Baker and Heidi Baker are two missionaries who moved to Mozambique many years ago to try to help kids which became orphans after the country endured many conflicts. When Rolland and Heidi arrived in Mozambique, found lots of children in an orphanage and several others in the streets. A local person told them that the vast majority of kids were HIV+, had also others sexually transmitted diseases, no education, some were aggressive, others were abused by their families physically, sexually, and mentally, the older ones addicted to drugs, into prostitution, and all of them were extremely poor. The scenery was really devastating and the local person told to the missionaries that would be a waste of time and money to take care of those kids as he said that they would never be somebody in life. But the missionaries told that those were the exactly kids they were looking for and started helping them day and night. Some were adopted by them others were taken to stay a period of time in their house as part of the family, especially the ones from the streets. 
More than food, education, and medical assistance, those kids got something they have never had: love. Mama Heidi, the way they called Miss Baker, gave them more love than most of the people in this world could dream of experiencing. Those kids started being seen finally as human beings. They had suffered so, so much for lack of affection, respect, protection, they had so severe fears, psychological and physical scars/traumas, their bodies were sick as well as their hearts, minds, and souls. Many were left to die others were neglected in all ways as well.
What was very moving to me was to see Miss Baker always surrounded by many kids, the kids she saved the dignity and life. She was all hugs, kisses, sweet words, encouragement, comfort, protection... She gave them a life with stability, a safe shelter to live without being afraid of being hurt again or starve to death! She looked deeply at their eyes, saw their potentials, believed in them. She made them to experience love, laugh, and a good life for the very first time. She did not care if they were sick or dirty, there was always a hug to give, she made them always welcome in her house, life, and heart. Miss Baker's gift for giving is one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen in a human being. Mister and Miss Baker risked their lives in a war zone to be with those kids and, most of all, to give a chance to them to have a dignifying life. They had an unshakable faith in God and in those kids. The love, happiness, encouragement, protection, respect, and food helped them to succeed.
Miss Baker told that she always wanted to see people by their inside and wanted to love the unlovable. How huge is that statement!!! Extraordinary!!! I will never forget this person, her giving, her children, and her legacy. I wish I could do the same thing for children in orphanages, especially the ones physically and mentally disabled in war zones. These ones which are the most vulnerable, the ones who are the deepest hurt in a world made of so prejudiced people like ours.


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