Having found them was to rescue
A life made of a multitude of mixed emotions

Those aged pages
Blurred handwriting
Took me back to a time of fascination
It was all so light and pleasant
The moods colorful and alive as a night of fireworks

The words translated the faces, the beauty, the intentions
Everything so innocent
There was a willingness to embrace life
As it had a shape and could be hugged by all sides

People were transparent like crystal
They were so bright
So interested in long conversations
That crossed the darkness of starry nights
The atmosphere bewildered the souls
Intertwined in love and complicity

The letters still had the perfume of those sweet moments
I could be there again
Enjoying the gifted nature of all
I could see the smiles
Hear the voices
Read the expressions
Touch the hands
Understand the strategy of silences

A time that touched my heart
A time that changed all the layers of my being
A time that took me away of the ordinary things
It was a world of unexpected events
Deep living
So extraordinary dreaming...


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