Here, under this shade
I feel as I am not alone
Something above me
Protects everything of my own...

The shade is like a blanket
Does not let me feel vulnerable
I trust it completely
To take care of my integrity...

While this shade is with me
Whatever bad thing may happen
 I will still be fine
As if it came to me as a gift from heaven...

It brings a fresh breeze and comfort
In the ardent heat of summer days
Otherwise the sunrays would burn my skin
Out layers and within...

The shade became my only companion
Throughout my life
An intimate relationship
Like the bees share inside the hive...

The serenity of soul the shade brought me
Gave me peace to be
My real self
It was such a relief
Beyond belief...

The complicity the shade and I shared
Made me feel deeply cared
As the shade was the being
 With the most beautiful heart
I have ever seen...


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