A storm was about to burst
The clouds were in a hurry back and forth
The sky was heavy
Gray, black, purple layers intertwined...

A sense of apprehension was in the air
The naive breeze was slashed by an evil blast
It was hard to breath
Unexpected turn of events...

My thoughts rushed in despair just like the clouds over me
Surreal ones
Full of unconceivable meanings
My mind was lost somewhere
I could not take the reins of it...

The heart was hysterical too
Pumping strongly behind the chest
As a bird about to go out in a desperate flight...

The emotions of the weather around me
Were the same as the ones in the storm inside
For an instant the two worlds were in perfect consonance of moods...

Impressive storms
A journey through the unknown
Nourishment to the imagination
Everything is possible to have its shape changed
This is the plasticity of life
Within and out.


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