The people of Syria are fighting for their freedom
Painful has been their martyrdom...

They saw the liberation of other countries from dictatorship
Freedom became their dream
What would raise so much their self-esteem...

Politicians only do what is convenient to them
The Syrian dictator has been the most evil man
He does not care about his people
He does care about his power
He has proven to be a real ruthless coward
By using the army to slaughter the population 
Which live endless days of desolation

He is not (at all!) considering abdication
The only thing his ego allows is to live immersed in absolute blind adoration
And the Syrians in the lowest level of subjugation
He does not admit confrontation against him
Even if the price will be to lead his people
To the path of complete annihilation

Lives and lives are being lost
From one side in name of freedom
Other side in the name of permanence in power
Both sides at any cost

The world seems to live in state of denial
Regarding the turmoil in Syria
No government has plans to indict the dictation to trial
For crimes against Humanity
It is becoming a case of insanity
While for the Syrian ruler
A matter of vanity

The Syrian people are in the most complete vulnerable situation
Fighting under the most absolute frustration
So bravely they resist
To their pain there is no translation
Lives so long under egotistical domination
They are tired of having no hope for liberation...

I really hope they conquer their day of celebration
When the oppressors withdrawn
In a forever gone
The people deserve to have a voice
More than that .... a choice
Chance to enjoy their rights respected
Chance to write a new chapter for their nation
Better perspectives of growth and happiness to the next generation

I hope the lives which were lost in the name of this cause
Have not been in vain
That their right for freedom
Never ever be seen again by the outsiders with disdain

Life under constant oppression
Has a limit called dignity
The Syrian people are fighting to keep their dignity
One's dignity is one's utmost identity

The Syrian people are in the middle of bullets and indifference
Their government is all repression
The nations abroad all neglection
Each new life lost
Is a line crossed
Families are mutilated
Children are terrorized
A whole nation deeply hurt
Every time a piece of skin by a bullet is cut

Human beings looking for love and happiness
Life seems to be a constant battle between kindness and evilness
Accusation and forgiveness
Losses and achievements
Healing and destructiveness
Compassion and bitterness
Giving and selfishness
Justice and forgetfulness...

God bless the brave Syrians
I hope they reach their ideals of freedom
Have their voices heard
Their wings moving as a sea bird
And witness their entire nation from a new dream rebirth...


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