Nowadays, we face conflicts spread in many places around the world. Some are in their full potential and others in potential state to explode at any time. Wars always bring the most straight and revealing scenario for us to understand the polarizing feelings of love and hate, kindness and evilness. These faces of war keep my mind restless. I think a lot about it, the destructiveness, the horrible outcomes, the pains and losses, and psychological traumas and desolation they bring. Wars happen due to intolerance, greed, prejudice, thirst for money, power, privilege, and influence. As usual, the ones who retain more resources both military and economic will prevail over others. The most terrible aspect of war for me is the fact that most people which live the so devastating consequences of it are the ones who have nothing to do with the planning of it. Most are caught in the middle of a conflict they may not even understand. Others are forced to fight, to stand by one side, even if there is no any willingness to do so, as for them the peace is the only dream to keep.
In wars, it is possible to see the highest level of altruism and the lowest level of ignorance and primitive instincts. Love is the healing force, cruelty the wound opener factor. Social inequality and prejudice trigger the chain of events that lead to most conflicts between human beings. Social inequality reveals the greedy and selfish nature of some which do not care about others, can see just themselves and their families, and do only what is convenient to their well being. Other people's well being do not matter! Prejudice shows how hard it is for some to deal with diversity, with what is different ("deviance" of what should be the "standard being"). Human beings seem to have this inclination to give labels, to classify, to segregate, to categorize, and to determine laws of hierarchy. This inclination feeds intolerance. Intolerance is a weed that spreads prosecution and hate, leading people farther and farther from love.
I would like to discuss more about all these aspects which are so important to be understood in their core, for us to be more and more aware of what is needed to build bridges instead of walls. I hope the ones who come here to read the posts, leave comments for all of us learn from each other.


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