I am an adult at this age
I work all day
Yes, it is true that my body is small
My legs and arms are short
My coordination not that good
I have the fears of a child
But the responsability of an adult
People expect from me this mature attitude
I did not choose it
People chose in my place
My will is voiceless... 

I wonder what a real childood should look like...
Sometimes I see other kids with different "jobs"
They ride bicycles
Play with dolls
Run to wherever place they want
Those must be free "jobs"
Because nobody controls them
Interesting that while they "work" they are always smiling
In my kind of work nobody smiles
At least, I dont!
Why should I smile?
From what I know we dont smile when feel pain or are too tired
On the contrary, I cry...
Maybe, some thing is wrong with me!...
When I cry nobody sees
I have been punished when I did cry to the world outside
So, now I just cry inside
I am afraid of crying outside
Besides, nobody cares about my feelings
I dont even know if people know I have feelings...
Perhaps, I should tell them
But nothing what I have tried to say, no matter subject
Has been heard
In fact, in my work I should be quiet
Quiet and obedient
Yes, I have many, but they are like my tears
Must be kept inside to not disturb anybody
 And myself of being beaten
It hurts just as the work I do!...

I did not know that work could be this hard
It is not any easy to break stones all day
It is not easy to carry heavy loads
The tools we have to use were not made for kids
In spite of being kids, "apparently"
We must know to use what the person who says
"Work is good to you", calls:
The big "toys"
Adults play with very big "toys"!

 But their hands are big, stronger
Their muscles do not get tired easily like mine
I should be stronger too
But it is hard to be stronger when my hands are so painful
They bleed sometimes
No matter how much I work
My muscles do not develop
I barely can see them
The bones I can see very easily
My skin is dry as the soil I work with
It is always dusty
In the summer days my body burns under the sunrays
There is no shadow around
I feel like an egg being fried
It is not the best of the feelings, at all!...

Some times I have to walk with chains around my ankle
The adults around me say that they dont want to lose me
Because I am an valuable labor
Maybe they care about me, they like me...
But the chains are really uncomfortable
They open deep wounds
That never heal
I wish my body had the power to feel nothing
This way I would be pain free
It would be so good!!!...
Without this intense pain all inside me
I would work with enthusiasm, who knows!...

Kids who "work" at schools every day
Say that they have homework
I wish I had a work like this too
They seem to like that kind of work
Besides, they can stay at home to do so
I have not even a real home
I have to stay where the adults keep the chains
In the corner of somewhere
Some nights are so cold
My bones almost break of so much shaking
Maybe if I had the appropriate clothes my bones would be quiet
And would sleep at the same time my mind wanted
But there is some other part in my body that never sleeps
My stomach
It complains day and night without any rest
It wants to have something to squeeze
But I cannot promise it
As food is not that easy to get
Food for me is a pretty rare "commodity"!
I wish my stomach was more comprehensive
Less stubborn
It does not understand when I say:
"Today I have nothing for you!'

But I think that what I dream the most
Is to have something people say brings a lot of smiles
And makes us feel stronger
I dont know what love means
I wonder if it is possible to be found in stores
If it is, probably I will never have one for me
As everything in stores is so expensive
Even if the bargain is 99% off
It is still out of reach to me!
I wish I store owner could be in a nice mood
To give me even if it was leftovers of love
Does not matter ... it would be wonderful to have it, I guess!
Maybe, one day I get some love
Life is so unpredictable...
Maybe if I break more stones
Carry even heavier loads
I will be gifted with a coin
Money enough to make my dream come true
Buy a handful of  this love thing!...
Then I would have smiles for the first time in my life
And would be really a stronger person
That would be amazing!...


When I think about hate between nations around the world
I wonder how much the people of these countries really hate each other
Or the truth is that this hate is a fabrication, a strategy
To justify a war
Wars can make some people and business very prosperous
Who benefit from making wars?
Politicians, some part of the elite, companies, and even media
Who has everything to lose in wars?
The people who have not choose them!
These are the ones which will have their lives destroied
These are the ones which will carry the traumas, the injuries, the damages, the injustices...
While ones are playing the game of the most powerful, richer, famous, and have their egos spoiled
Others are experiencing tragedies
Families falling apart
Children emotionally exhausted
Mutilation, pain, fear, lives forever changed...

Now there is this campaign created by people from countries
Considered mutual fierce enemies
Israel and Iran
Now it is the voice of people
Not politicians or media
Ordinary people trying to break the chains of hate
People who want peace, not war
People who are looking for understanding, not rivalry
The people must speak up!
Otherwise, all these so negative statements
Spreading rancor between nations
Will be always taken as the most transparent portrait of reality
Both Iran and Israel have experienced wars
The people of these countries know how it feels
Know the costs of the conflicts on their lives
Know the weight of being hated on their shoulders...

I really, really hope this campaign
Launched by Israelis toward Iranians
And now vice-versa
Be extended to the conflicts between
Israel and Palestine
This conflict has been so, so long
So tragic to both sides
But especially to Palestinians
Who have lost everything
And today live under appaling conditions...

If it is possible to have an open heart to one "enemy"
Why not to do the same toward another "enemy"?
Peace will be the best solution to both sides!!
Less greed, more compassion
Less scars and more healing
Only the promotion of peace heals damaged hearts!
I really hope the people from Palestine and Israel
Speak up in favor of a mutual friendship!

The differences, the hate, the memories and feelings from the past
Must be forgotten!
We ARE ALL human beings!!
All want to be happy, to be loved, to live in peace, to share good feelings
This is the only way for a better future
For a better quality of life in this planet
Racism must have an end
Apartheid must have an end
Prejudice must have an end
Love and understanding must be a new beginning!...

We all must have our own believes
Not be commanded by media or politicians's agendas
We must think humanly
We must use our inteligence and hearts
For causes that lead to light not darkness!

Peace agreement
Is equal
Peace of mind
Peace of heart

Piece of joy
Piece of love
A piece of everything really good
Everything that really, really matters in life!

When people from different nations get mingled
What comes to the surface
Is such a powerful thing
All are smart, all are creative
All are capable, talented
In some aspect or many
The combination of these differences between people
Creates a new universe of possibilities
That will empower both sides more and more
Is the addition that guarantees strength
Not the subtraction
Nobody is better than anybody
But if nobody and anybody get bonded
All are better
All are best!


"THE FOG..."

Morning of dense fog
Mistery to the door comes to knock

I go out and walk toward it
Closer I get, stronger becomes my heartbeat

It is an unknown atmosphere
But somehow it feels as the presence of someone dear

When I get wrapped by this cloud on the ground
More and more attracted by it I have myself found

I look back and do not see the place I was
It disappeared
Now I know I am on my own
Whatever I left behind is gone

It is like I was taken to another dimention
Where everything is light with no any tension

It is not like anything I have ever seen
It makes me feel as someone I have ever been

The captivating nature of this fog around me
Just asks to let it be

Overwhelming spell
The meanings I find here are so many that I cannot even tell

The beauty of things
Is delicate like a butterfly's wings

This is a world where everything has a different fashion
Everywhere has a taste of passion

What an extraordinary place
As umpredictable as a human face

The touch of it is pure grace
A dream I want to embrace

The fog whisper something in my ear
The secret of its core
Has a key to a door
That I stand before
Acomplice of its misteries I am more and more
It mobilizes so much my feelings
That I will never be able to the power of them... ever again ignore!



Above Elizabeth Taylor receiving
The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
For her activism in favor of the AIDS cause

In a time when talking about AIDS was a tabu
Elizabeth Taylor became the voice
Of the ones which could not be heard
Due to the stigma of the disease

She was a movie star
Who took advantage of her fame and money
To try to lessen the pain of so many around the world
She made people aware of the seriousness of this pandemic event
And most importantly
That people HIV + are human beings as anyone of us
Therefore, should have the same rights in society
Not live in the edge of it
Forgotten and victimized 
As targets of absolute prejudice 

Nobody has done more than she did
To the prevention and fight against the disease
While speaking about AIDS
She spoke about love:
"The bad things never came out of loving acts, loving gestures, or loving relationships!"
Love between people
Regardless differences
As all are human beings

She was a brave soldier
In this crusade
If the chains of the stigma around this subject were not broken
The oucomes would be so much more tragic
Today there are medicines that prolong the lives of the HIV+ people
Researches are taking place in many nations
To find a cure for AIDS
The awareness has revolutionized the reality of it

While nobody talks about sensitive topics like
AIDS, domestic violence, human trafficking
Sexual abuse, child slavery
Famine, poverty, genocide
It is as if these things have never existed
If considered nonexistent
No changes will be made
No treatment will be possible
No laws will be enforced
The suffering will stay anonymous
Help will never come
And these tragic cycles will keep repeating
Lives will stay exposed to suffering
As they were worthed of nothing!

Because Elizabeth Taylor gave a face to AIDS
Her so beautiful face
And so beautiful heart
The way people look at AIDS
Has changed
Now the huge problem
Is not ignored anymore
It has had the recognition it deserves
Now people infected with the HIV
Can dream of taking the reins of the disease
Improve their life quality
Their life spectancy

Miss Taylor was a remarkable human being
Who loved people unconditionally
And inspired others to do the same
She taught people to have respect toward the HIV+
By seeing them with compassion not with despise or pity
She empowered the invisible
She gave a lesson of humanity to all of us
Something to never be forgotten
But embraced with love and determination

She proved that love can mean hope
Love can bring change
Love can save lives
Love can break chains
Love can bring beauty
Where beauty did not exist



 Barbara Stanwyck was such a versatile artist
She knew her craft better than anybody else
Extraordinary performer
In dramas, romances, and comedies
As leading lady
And supporting actress
 She could act, sing, and dance
Make the audience burst into laugh and tears
She was something else
Who had a tremendous impact in people's emotions
 Barbara Stanwyck was a movie star
In the most refined sense of the expression
In spite of her incredible gift for acting
She was such a humble person
She once told that she could not get that so successful career
If it was not with the help of all the people behind the scenes
She as a woman and human being was also a star
By being so generous with people around her
She never made anybody feels less in her presence
Always uplifted the ones in need of encouragement
In the most gracious and respectful way
Her integrity had so boundaries...

I deeply admire the person she was
Both in real life and on the screen
I feel so inspired by her
Her legacy in this world was made of gold
She was essencially genuine and good in all the senses

No matter how distant her world was of mine
I can relate to her somehow
The way she makes me feel
Through the roles she played
Takes me close to who she was
She had a remarkable talent to express emotions
Happiness, sadness
Anger, fear
Aprehention, misery...
In so credible and intense way!

For me her most memorable role was in a movie called
"Stella Dallas"
A woman so hurt by life
So brave and dignified
So authentic and warm-hearted...
Her facial expressions changed so subtly
In such a beautiful way...
Amazing the life Barbara Stanwyck
Gave to that woman on screen...
I cannot imagine anybody else doing that so faultless and powerfully!

She was a star who did shine on the screen
Now shines in heaven
I also can say
Shines in the sky of my heart and mind

Barbara Stanwyck is a name to be never forgotten
She gave the best from her gifted nature to all of us
How many people in this world
Can really be eternal for the virtues he/she has?
Very few, very few
She was one between these rare individuals
Once again
A star
Between them all!

She loved acting
Loved people
Loved life

Loving and lovable
To the highest level

If she wanted to leave a meaningful contribution
Throughout her existence
She surely got her wish!



The singer on the stage
Brings the gift of her voice to the audience
It echos like a breeze
Filling all the spaces...

The voice travels
From soul to soul
Moving hearts
Melting minds...

The singer lets it flow
Like the stream of a river within
It goes smoothly, sweetly
It also matches with the sound
Of a bird in the early morning...

The voice resonates
Beyond the walls of the theater
Beyond the walls of one's defenses
Far from earth
Far toward heaven...

Even after the singer vanishes
The life in her voice
Does not fade
People carries the life of it
Wherever they go
It is powerful



This is a place I will never forget
The Cathedral of Rouen in France
That I had the blessing of visiting many years ago...

As all gothic churches
Its architecture is very impressive
The walls stand so imponent
The ceiling so, so high
Like it could even touch heaven...

It is so immense .... so magestic...
What a beautiful place
What a peace it gives within
Its divinity is almost palpable...

The cathedral dimension
Surely gives a lesson of humbleness
It is like to knee while standing
God has a very strange way to give His welcome
There is something in that atmosphere
That is different, hard to describe
I felt in God's arms
So comfortable emotion...

This cathedral is very, very old
It was built in the 4th century
This is really what I call time immemorial
At a certain moment, I closed my eyes
And tried to imagine the people from that time
How different the context of their lives
That was such a difficult period
Life was so hard to be endured for so many...

Along its history, the cathedral faced very tough events
It was burnt in 1200
Was struck by lightining in 1284
In the 16th century it was badly damaged by the Calvinists
Burnt by lightining once again in 1625 and 1642
Damaged by a hurricane in 1683
Bombarded in 1944 during the WWII
Finally in 1999 was damaged again by a very violent wind storm
It went through a lot really
But it resisted bravely
No matter how damaged it was by so many vicissitudes
It never gave up, entirely
It is a remarkable thing
There is no doubt for me that this magnificent cathedral
Has had divine protection...

I have no idea how heaven feels like
But while inside the Cathedral of Rouen
I felt as I was visiting a piece of paradise
It was such a mystical moment for me

There is one cathedral in France
In that tiny city of Rouen
There is another one inside me
I brought it in my heart
In my mind
In my soul
I cannot let that place go way of me
I wanted to be there
I wanted to bring that there here
I did
It is so pretty and feels so good
I can even hear the silence of it
As it was the sweetest of the songs

Heavenly place...

(Rouen Cathedral - Painting by Monet)



I wonder how much what we watch at TV
And read in the newspapers are really clean truths
Or fabricated lies disguised as truths!

Since politics and money
Became such an out of proportion source of power
The manipulation of media is the easiest way to manipulate people's minds
Media is a kind of "fundamentalist religion"
That uses "word games" to "manuever" people's thoughts and attitudes

Most of us have a very good faith
Have even a very naive mentality
Really believe in what we hear, see, and learn unconditionally
We do not want to believe that we can be betraied
Nobody likes to have broken one's ilusions
We want to believe that in this world
All are potentially good of character
Have unshakable integrity
But, unfortunately, when we believe blindly
We see mostly what others want us to see
Not the things as they are .... the facts

How powerful mainstream media became
Every single day we are bombarded by an avalanche of information
From all kinds of fields and sources
In front of a TV we are passive learners
The TV feeds our minds with all kinds of things
Interesting things in some rare times, it is true
But most of all, junk material
If we do not have criticism
We are engulfed by a black hole of useless things
Lose contact with reality
Become brain-washed like people

It is very easy to feel seduced by what is sold for us
Media knows how to use marketing in a very persuasive way
They say what to wear
What to buy
Where to buy
What is "good"
What is "bad"
It is like to believe in a kind of fairy tale as a reality
Then one day we discover that fairy tales do not exist
And all that romantic and "perfect" thing is a lie
It gives a lot of frustration
All that colorful dream fades away

We want to believe that things are perfect
And all people around us have good intentions
But it is not true
For our own sake it is better 
To believe in the lies
And doubt the truths 

Behind of what we see on TV
And what we read on the newspapers
There are very powerful people
Only thinking about themselves
Their interests, conveniences
Greed, power, money, influence
They want us to believe in what they want
No matter if what they want
Can cost lives, can destroy families
Lead soldiers to war
Hurt their own people and others
They feel as the Almight
As if they were entitled to set the rules
Do all with impunity
Make their own judgements about others
Change all, decide people's destinies
Based on their own pre-determined agenda

It is a very dangerous, phony, and filthy world
That the unscrupulous created carefully
They want us to be their marionettes
Serving them: the masters!

I do not want this for me
I want to keep the right to have a choice
Decide what is good and right to me
As much as possible
I want to keep the reins of my mind
I want to think by myself
Not in a framed way
Not under the rule and will of strangers



 If your dilema is too unberable about which way to take, why dont you go straight or backwards?

 Be aware of Snow White and 5 more dwarfs as well...
 A ghost will come to pay the fine...
 Unless a coconut hit your head what made you to lose consciousness before you be aware that there were coconuts to be aware of...
How about life after death?

Really? And you are just a fool!

And you mister shooter will go to jail for first degree murder. If you survive the penitenciary and escape will be imprisoned for life again.

Thank you for letting me know! This information will change my life forever!

Except for authorized flow of water or maybe the water has no reading skills, so could not figure out what was written in this sign. The water did not have the intention of breaking the law...

From what I know there was no human life in the dinosaurs time. Wow! Dinosaurs already knew the importance of road signs?

And Kings are never costumers at places where there is no good deals to get...

If you have a cristal ball no need to be aware of..

  Turn on left every time you turn on right...