Barbara Stanwyck was such a versatile artist
She knew her craft better than anybody else
Extraordinary performer
In dramas, romances, and comedies
As leading lady
And supporting actress
 She could act, sing, and dance
Make the audience burst into laugh and tears
She was something else
Who had a tremendous impact in people's emotions
 Barbara Stanwyck was a movie star
In the most refined sense of the expression
In spite of her incredible gift for acting
She was such a humble person
She once told that she could not get that so successful career
If it was not with the help of all the people behind the scenes
She as a woman and human being was also a star
By being so generous with people around her
She never made anybody feels less in her presence
Always uplifted the ones in need of encouragement
In the most gracious and respectful way
Her integrity had so boundaries...

I deeply admire the person she was
Both in real life and on the screen
I feel so inspired by her
Her legacy in this world was made of gold
She was essencially genuine and good in all the senses

No matter how distant her world was of mine
I can relate to her somehow
The way she makes me feel
Through the roles she played
Takes me close to who she was
She had a remarkable talent to express emotions
Happiness, sadness
Anger, fear
Aprehention, misery...
In so credible and intense way!

For me her most memorable role was in a movie called
"Stella Dallas"
A woman so hurt by life
So brave and dignified
So authentic and warm-hearted...
Her facial expressions changed so subtly
In such a beautiful way...
Amazing the life Barbara Stanwyck
Gave to that woman on screen...
I cannot imagine anybody else doing that so faultless and powerfully!

She was a star who did shine on the screen
Now shines in heaven
I also can say
Shines in the sky of my heart and mind

Barbara Stanwyck is a name to be never forgotten
She gave the best from her gifted nature to all of us
How many people in this world
Can really be eternal for the virtues he/she has?
Very few, very few
She was one between these rare individuals
Once again
A star
Between them all!

She loved acting
Loved people
Loved life

Loving and lovable
To the highest level

If she wanted to leave a meaningful contribution
Throughout her existence
She surely got her wish!



Anonymous said...

I see the you like reading Biographies :), You must have quite a lot of knowledge about different famous people.

Simone Bittencourt said...
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Simone Bittencourt said...

Thank you for your comment! Oh, not at all, I wish I had! But there is no doubt some people have touched me deeply for different reasons. I love people and I think that we can learn a lot from one's legacy, dreams, thoughts, emotions, experiences, accomplishments... all kids of expressions!