Above Elizabeth Taylor receiving
The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
For her activism in favor of the AIDS cause

In a time when talking about AIDS was a tabu
Elizabeth Taylor became the voice
Of the ones which could not be heard
Due to the stigma of the disease

She was a movie star
Who took advantage of her fame and money
To try to lessen the pain of so many around the world
She made people aware of the seriousness of this pandemic event
And most importantly
That people HIV + are human beings as anyone of us
Therefore, should have the same rights in society
Not live in the edge of it
Forgotten and victimized 
As targets of absolute prejudice 

Nobody has done more than she did
To the prevention and fight against the disease
While speaking about AIDS
She spoke about love:
"The bad things never came out of loving acts, loving gestures, or loving relationships!"
Love between people
Regardless differences
As all are human beings

She was a brave soldier
In this crusade
If the chains of the stigma around this subject were not broken
The oucomes would be so much more tragic
Today there are medicines that prolong the lives of the HIV+ people
Researches are taking place in many nations
To find a cure for AIDS
The awareness has revolutionized the reality of it

While nobody talks about sensitive topics like
AIDS, domestic violence, human trafficking
Sexual abuse, child slavery
Famine, poverty, genocide
It is as if these things have never existed
If considered nonexistent
No changes will be made
No treatment will be possible
No laws will be enforced
The suffering will stay anonymous
Help will never come
And these tragic cycles will keep repeating
Lives will stay exposed to suffering
As they were worthed of nothing!

Because Elizabeth Taylor gave a face to AIDS
Her so beautiful face
And so beautiful heart
The way people look at AIDS
Has changed
Now the huge problem
Is not ignored anymore
It has had the recognition it deserves
Now people infected with the HIV
Can dream of taking the reins of the disease
Improve their life quality
Their life spectancy

Miss Taylor was a remarkable human being
Who loved people unconditionally
And inspired others to do the same
She taught people to have respect toward the HIV+
By seeing them with compassion not with despise or pity
She empowered the invisible
She gave a lesson of humanity to all of us
Something to never be forgotten
But embraced with love and determination

She proved that love can mean hope
Love can bring change
Love can save lives
Love can break chains
Love can bring beauty
Where beauty did not exist



Anonymous said...

Very Nice Post, even one person can make a huge difference some time.

Simone Bittencourt said...

Absolutely! That is why we should never underestimate anybody in this world. Every single person has a gift within that can make a huge difference in one's life some day. Thank you very much for your comment!