"THE FOG..."

Morning of dense fog
Mistery to the door comes to knock

I go out and walk toward it
Closer I get, stronger becomes my heartbeat

It is an unknown atmosphere
But somehow it feels as the presence of someone dear

When I get wrapped by this cloud on the ground
More and more attracted by it I have myself found

I look back and do not see the place I was
It disappeared
Now I know I am on my own
Whatever I left behind is gone

It is like I was taken to another dimention
Where everything is light with no any tension

It is not like anything I have ever seen
It makes me feel as someone I have ever been

The captivating nature of this fog around me
Just asks to let it be

Overwhelming spell
The meanings I find here are so many that I cannot even tell

The beauty of things
Is delicate like a butterfly's wings

This is a world where everything has a different fashion
Everywhere has a taste of passion

What an extraordinary place
As umpredictable as a human face

The touch of it is pure grace
A dream I want to embrace

The fog whisper something in my ear
The secret of its core
Has a key to a door
That I stand before
Acomplice of its misteries I am more and more
It mobilizes so much my feelings
That I will never be able to the power of them... ever again ignore!


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