I wonder how much what we watch at TV
And read in the newspapers are really clean truths
Or fabricated lies disguised as truths!

Since politics and money
Became such an out of proportion source of power
The manipulation of media is the easiest way to manipulate people's minds
Media is a kind of "fundamentalist religion"
That uses "word games" to "manuever" people's thoughts and attitudes

Most of us have a very good faith
Have even a very naive mentality
Really believe in what we hear, see, and learn unconditionally
We do not want to believe that we can be betraied
Nobody likes to have broken one's ilusions
We want to believe that in this world
All are potentially good of character
Have unshakable integrity
But, unfortunately, when we believe blindly
We see mostly what others want us to see
Not the things as they are .... the facts

How powerful mainstream media became
Every single day we are bombarded by an avalanche of information
From all kinds of fields and sources
In front of a TV we are passive learners
The TV feeds our minds with all kinds of things
Interesting things in some rare times, it is true
But most of all, junk material
If we do not have criticism
We are engulfed by a black hole of useless things
Lose contact with reality
Become brain-washed like people

It is very easy to feel seduced by what is sold for us
Media knows how to use marketing in a very persuasive way
They say what to wear
What to buy
Where to buy
What is "good"
What is "bad"
It is like to believe in a kind of fairy tale as a reality
Then one day we discover that fairy tales do not exist
And all that romantic and "perfect" thing is a lie
It gives a lot of frustration
All that colorful dream fades away

We want to believe that things are perfect
And all people around us have good intentions
But it is not true
For our own sake it is better 
To believe in the lies
And doubt the truths 

Behind of what we see on TV
And what we read on the newspapers
There are very powerful people
Only thinking about themselves
Their interests, conveniences
Greed, power, money, influence
They want us to believe in what they want
No matter if what they want
Can cost lives, can destroy families
Lead soldiers to war
Hurt their own people and others
They feel as the Almight
As if they were entitled to set the rules
Do all with impunity
Make their own judgements about others
Change all, decide people's destinies
Based on their own pre-determined agenda

It is a very dangerous, phony, and filthy world
That the unscrupulous created carefully
They want us to be their marionettes
Serving them: the masters!

I do not want this for me
I want to keep the right to have a choice
Decide what is good and right to me
As much as possible
I want to keep the reins of my mind
I want to think by myself
Not in a framed way
Not under the rule and will of strangers


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Anonymous said...

Its play of Human Psychology, who ever knows how to play with it, has the power.