This is a place I will never forget
The Cathedral of Rouen in France
That I had the blessing of visiting many years ago...

As all gothic churches
Its architecture is very impressive
The walls stand so imponent
The ceiling so, so high
Like it could even touch heaven...

It is so immense .... so magestic...
What a beautiful place
What a peace it gives within
Its divinity is almost palpable...

The cathedral dimension
Surely gives a lesson of humbleness
It is like to knee while standing
God has a very strange way to give His welcome
There is something in that atmosphere
That is different, hard to describe
I felt in God's arms
So comfortable emotion...

This cathedral is very, very old
It was built in the 4th century
This is really what I call time immemorial
At a certain moment, I closed my eyes
And tried to imagine the people from that time
How different the context of their lives
That was such a difficult period
Life was so hard to be endured for so many...

Along its history, the cathedral faced very tough events
It was burnt in 1200
Was struck by lightining in 1284
In the 16th century it was badly damaged by the Calvinists
Burnt by lightining once again in 1625 and 1642
Damaged by a hurricane in 1683
Bombarded in 1944 during the WWII
Finally in 1999 was damaged again by a very violent wind storm
It went through a lot really
But it resisted bravely
No matter how damaged it was by so many vicissitudes
It never gave up, entirely
It is a remarkable thing
There is no doubt for me that this magnificent cathedral
Has had divine protection...

I have no idea how heaven feels like
But while inside the Cathedral of Rouen
I felt as I was visiting a piece of paradise
It was such a mystical moment for me

There is one cathedral in France
In that tiny city of Rouen
There is another one inside me
I brought it in my heart
In my mind
In my soul
I cannot let that place go way of me
I wanted to be there
I wanted to bring that there here
I did
It is so pretty and feels so good
I can even hear the silence of it
As it was the sweetest of the songs

Heavenly place...

(Rouen Cathedral - Painting by Monet)


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