When I think about hate between nations around the world
I wonder how much the people of these countries really hate each other
Or the truth is that this hate is a fabrication, a strategy
To justify a war
Wars can make some people and business very prosperous
Who benefit from making wars?
Politicians, some part of the elite, companies, and even media
Who has everything to lose in wars?
The people who have not choose them!
These are the ones which will have their lives destroied
These are the ones which will carry the traumas, the injuries, the damages, the injustices...
While ones are playing the game of the most powerful, richer, famous, and have their egos spoiled
Others are experiencing tragedies
Families falling apart
Children emotionally exhausted
Mutilation, pain, fear, lives forever changed...

Now there is this campaign created by people from countries
Considered mutual fierce enemies
Israel and Iran
Now it is the voice of people
Not politicians or media
Ordinary people trying to break the chains of hate
People who want peace, not war
People who are looking for understanding, not rivalry
The people must speak up!
Otherwise, all these so negative statements
Spreading rancor between nations
Will be always taken as the most transparent portrait of reality
Both Iran and Israel have experienced wars
The people of these countries know how it feels
Know the costs of the conflicts on their lives
Know the weight of being hated on their shoulders...

I really, really hope this campaign
Launched by Israelis toward Iranians
And now vice-versa
Be extended to the conflicts between
Israel and Palestine
This conflict has been so, so long
So tragic to both sides
But especially to Palestinians
Who have lost everything
And today live under appaling conditions...

If it is possible to have an open heart to one "enemy"
Why not to do the same toward another "enemy"?
Peace will be the best solution to both sides!!
Less greed, more compassion
Less scars and more healing
Only the promotion of peace heals damaged hearts!
I really hope the people from Palestine and Israel
Speak up in favor of a mutual friendship!

The differences, the hate, the memories and feelings from the past
Must be forgotten!
We ARE ALL human beings!!
All want to be happy, to be loved, to live in peace, to share good feelings
This is the only way for a better future
For a better quality of life in this planet
Racism must have an end
Apartheid must have an end
Prejudice must have an end
Love and understanding must be a new beginning!...

We all must have our own believes
Not be commanded by media or politicians's agendas
We must think humanly
We must use our inteligence and hearts
For causes that lead to light not darkness!

Peace agreement
Is equal
Peace of mind
Peace of heart

Piece of joy
Piece of love
A piece of everything really good
Everything that really, really matters in life!

When people from different nations get mingled
What comes to the surface
Is such a powerful thing
All are smart, all are creative
All are capable, talented
In some aspect or many
The combination of these differences between people
Creates a new universe of possibilities
That will empower both sides more and more
Is the addition that guarantees strength
Not the subtraction
Nobody is better than anybody
But if nobody and anybody get bonded
All are better
All are best!


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