Several generations ago
This was a scenery of intense life...

In the very early mornings
As soon as it was time for the sun to wake up
Women rushed to open the windows
Announcing the start of a new day

There was no time for the families to sit around the table in the morning
The breakfast was taken in a hurry
Men went away to the fields
Children still a little sleepy marched in group to school

The family house was located at the end of a narrow street
It was built at a time I cannot even imagine
Those solid walls would have so much to tell
If they could talk
Countless stories unfolded there

This is the first time I come to visit this place, this house
Somehow it feels familiar, that deja vu thing
I love the entrance, with the red banners hanging
In Chinese culture calligraphy has been always very important
So, the old generations used to write on the walls
As the characters themselves could be decorations
Meaning nothing less than pride

It smells food and past
Everything so silent, so ancient...
This house is like a temple to me
I can think about all the people who lived here
Pray for them
Talk to them with my heart
I just arrived, but it seems that my soul has gotten rooted already
It wants to stay
It feels fascinated, attracted to the memories buried in this place..

I can hear the relatives talking mandarin
I can hear their loud laughs while the tea is being served
I see the tiredness consuming their sweated bodies
And the suffering carved in their faces

Nature here is magnificent
The majestic mountains
The rice fields blanketing the wet soil
The colors are so amazing
Everything is so, so vivid
So intense!
As intense as the hardness of life

Life in the rural areas is endless work the entire year
People wake up thinking about the harvest
Go to sleep thinking about the harvest
Everything evolves around the harvest
After all, this is where the fuel to sustain life comes from

But I like to think that each and every person living here
Had their own secret dreams
Some women could want to be singers
Some men could want to experience risky adventures beyond the huge mountains
Kids could want to fly as the birds do ...
Life should be more than the harvest
How about the food to the soul, to the heart?
We can starve emotionally if a dream is not fed within...

This Chinese village now is my dream
I want to breath it
I want to live and die here
I want to belong to this place
The force of its nature is too powerful to be ignored
It bewitches me.... completely
This is my heaven
This is my identity
I evoke my ancestors
To embrace me
I want to leave my own legacy to the next generations
I don't want to break the chain of memories...


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