This lady liked to dance and watch classic movies
Here she was 18 years old
22 years latter she would become my mother...

She gave me this life
A name, warmth
She took me to her home
Fed me, kept me clean
Comforted me in fearful and sad moments
Encouraged me to walk and speak
Gave me the first smile
The first hug
She was my first love...

In the cold nights
She used to wake up in the middle of the night
To make sure the blanket was over me
She came and sat beside me when I woke up terrorized by a nightmare
She included me in her prayers
She raised me with values
When I got sick she did stand by my side as a devoted nurse a good mother can be...

She gave me her time and patience
She understood me when I did find no words to describe my feelings
She taught me the importance of education
Many times she surprised me with a dessert she knew I liked the most
As soon as I arrived tired from school
Every single day she opened the door of her house
To welcome me and hug me...

She shared her life and experiences with me
She trusted me her feelings and thoughts
She empowered me with her braveness
She had to make hard decisions for my well being
She prepared a birthday cake every single year
She gave me a dignifying life
She taught me to value the things I had
About friendship and to be respectful to all
To love animals and do not mistreat any being...

She helped me to understand my mistakes
Helped me to see beyond the surface of things and people
She was my teacher, nurse, safe harbor, best friend, best model
From her I learned about unconditional love
She taught me to forgive and keep faith alive...

In spite of all the hard life she had
All those challenges and emotional roller coasters
She tried to make mine as smooth path as possible
She gave me self-confidence
Gave me so many reasons to be happy
She let me experience the wonderful feeling of belonging
She was a very strong and loving woman
Mother of 4 girls
Devoted wife
Giving friend
The gift God gave me from heaven...

She made me feel so many times in heaven in her presence
That was beautiful!
I will be forever grateful for all those treasures she brought into my life
Her devotion, her encouragement
I would love if all kids had a loving mother as I did
It makes all the difference
A good mother is like to have won the lottery ticket
I felt the luckiest person on earth!

My mother will always be with me
Now I am a mother myself
Every day I do try to be to my son
The mother my mother was to me
Because if I succeed in it
I know it will have made of his life
A gratifying experience
Having as a foundation genuine love
The feeling of being wanted!

My mother made me feel sooo wanted in spite of my imperfections...
What a blessing!

Wherever you are in heaven, mom
Know that I will always celebrate you in my heart and memories
One day we will meet again
This time will be to never say goodbye again to each other

From a person who loved you more than anything and anyone else,

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