Today I want to post something about her
She has been in my thoughts constantly
It is not because of her physical beauty
Or her elegance, her royal title... no!
It is about her sense of humanity...

This world is so scarce of love, respect, tolerance
She was one of the most inspirational human beings this planet has had
Who thought that because she was from royalty she was vain and superficial
Just worried about fashion and fame... was wrong
She had eyes and heart beyond the boundaries of the palace she used to live in...

Princess Diana was above all a humanitarian
She did care about the voiceless, the unloved
Some people said that she did for publicity
She did not need that if she was already the most photographed person on earth
She did because she genuinely cared
That was her utmost beauty!
She had an advanced degree in kindness, is fair to say...

She had such a great character
She had such a great heart
Her lack of prejudice brought comfort to many
She should live forever
People like her should live forever
As came to this world only to do good...

She was so delicate in her way to talk to people
Which could feel "intimidated" by her status as a princess
She did not want anybody to feel uncomfortable in her presence
She was so sensitive, so gentle
So truly interested and devoted to social issues
Above all the human life's condition...

Discreet as she was
Little by little she spread seeds here and there
Seeds of love and tolerance
Respect for the ignored, for the unseen
She took advantage of her fame to bring to the public's knowledge
The importance of being a helping hand
Not close the eyes for a reality that must be discussed and taken care of...

She was so admirable in so many ways
Her inner beauty surpassed the outer one
She was a being made of light, benevolence, integrity!

All the virtues she had are missing in the world we live
It is so rare to find people who really care about others
Who are willing to do something to change other people's perspective of life
Prejudice is so, so prevalent!!
People get labels and live with the weight of them
There is cruelty of judgement
Many minds and hearts have impoverished so much...
Evoluted backwards regarding to ignorance and total individuality...

Princess Diana was a symbol of hope 
She was hope for a better future to Humanity
Her kindness touched many lives
Her heart turned generous others
Her willingness to fight for justice and equality
Ignited changes 
In her shy way she did a lot!

More than words, she had attitudes
Only attitudes can promote changes
Words can be lost and forgotten
Attitudes can be inspiring
Hers definitely were!
Attitudes change laws, mentalities, feelings, behaviours

She is so missed in this world
Where integrity of character is so seldom found
A world infected by widespread despicable acts
There is more destruction than construction
There is more indiference than compassion
There is more coldness than benevolence
There are more wars than understanding
Most relationships in so many levels are corrupted by selfishness and greed...

Princess Diana left a beautiful and powerful legacy
Just by being her own truth, her own self
She was born with the seed of love
She died victim of intolerance
Her fingerprint will be always of goodness
The most unpretentious goodness!!

God bless her warm-hearted nature
She taught and fought for the most important
The glue that can make people connected for a purpose
Purpose to live in peace and help each other
Because nobody survives as an island
We were born to belong
To do good, to be good!


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