I woke up in a time of History that was not mine
A past I did not belong to
But somehow I found familiar with...

I walked to the balcony of that strange house
Looked up at the sky and saw red clouds
It was a foggy morning
The fog was orange, fresh, pleasant...

The silence was audible
The peace touchable
The feeling enjoyable...

Strangely, I did not feel afraid
I felt engaged
Seductive that all seemed...

I was curious to explore more
I let my intuition lead me
Whatever it was determined to me to live
I would, without resistance...

It was like to be immersed in a dream never imagined
The dream was not mine
It belonged to another person
But somehow I felt welcome to be part of
As it had been tied to the chains of my wishes all the time...

The fog owed me
Played with my personality
Took away my rationality
Made me emotional...

I liked the feeling
It was safe
It made me brave

Whatever invisible force
Changed my life's course
Inside me made an incision
With a surgeon's hand precision

I got a revelation
So extraordinary that in words couldn't find translation
What I was living was starvation
Now I can finally embrace illumination
As my soul experienced rejuvenation...


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