"In My Mother's Arms" is a documentary
That tells the story of an Iraqi man named Husham
Who decided to open an orphanage for 32 boys
Grieving the losses of their parents in war
Husham fights to give a dignifying life to all the boys
Most of them traumatized by lack of love and protection

The story is so compelling emotionally
Husham is a totally altruistic person
Who tries to raise the boys the best he can by pure compassion

Husham's battle every day is to try to raise funds
To sustain the orphanage
Here and there he gets some few money from humble business men
But when it is about raising funds in government institutions
Even the ones made to support children
There is no any response
The politicians dont care
The bureaucrats either
It is all about selfishness from their part

The boys relies their survival on Husham
Who tries everything he can to prevent them to go back to the streets
Or other orphanages where they were sexually abused
And exploited in all kinds of the ways!

Husham main concern is about the boy's emotional issues
He tries to hire a psychologist to work with them
But as he cannot pay much, nobody accepts

However, a theater director
Agrees to work with the boys for a play
During the rehearshals
Little by little the boys start
Expressing the pain from their many losses
It is so heart-breaking 
So touching to see how deep their pain is!!
How much they miss the love of their mothers!

These Iraqi kids
Are bravery and fragility at the same time
Brave to survive
Fragile as little birds
Out of their mother's arms
A bird without a nest
Is a bird exposed to the harshness of life's events
Having a sense of being loved is a transcending feeling
Experiencing lack or lost of it is a devastating one!

Husham has been trying to build a nest to all these kids again
For them not to think that nobody cares
Or that they are alone on their own

This is an extraordinary story
Of human's compassion and injustice
A child away of a mother's arms
Is like a boat without a rudder
Becomes adrift...



Melting pot of nations
All athletes with hopes and expectations...

Women and men
Competing now and then
Time and again...

Olympics is about determination
Physical and mental conciliation..

Strength and self-belief
Discipline as a commander in chief...

 Force and grace
Records to chase
Glorious and frustrating moments to face...

It is beautiful to see
All trying heroes to be...

The competition is tight
Everybody as brave as a knight...

Running, shooting, swimming, jumping
Hearts a dream pumping...

The gold
All want to hold
But just a few will get it
Has been told...

But the real gold in these competitions
Is the respect between the competidors
That should be inside all people's cores...

All nations must be celebrated
All winners they are
After all
To make part of the Olympics each one of the athletes
Had to endure a hard journey so very far!



Sadaf Rahimi
Is a brave Afghani teenager
Who found in boxing a passion and a possibility...

Her opponents and victories
Can be count even before she started devoting time and energy to this sport
Being born in a place where the mortality rates for mothers and babies are very high
Was the very first challenge
The second, to be born a girl in a place where this gender is more a curse than a right or joy...

The place where she has her trainnings is very precarious
But more important than the physical environment
Is the self-determination
This Safad has unshakeable within...

What makes Sadaf also so unique is that
What she does would be considered inimaginable for women from where she lives
In Afghanistan women's rights are practically unexistent
Women suffer inimaginable oppression
As their are considered inferior compared to men
They have no voice, no rights, no care, no protection

Sadaf represents much more than an atlete from Afghanistan
She represents the Afghani women's voices
She is breaking paradigmas
She is having the courage to stand for women
It is amazing!

Unfortunately, she will not represent her country
In the Olympics this year in London
But, there is no doubt that a winner she is a victorious woman already 
She is beating all the odds
Her challenges are much harder to knock out
Than the most majority of women's around the world

She will succeed!
Maybe she does not know yet
But she is empowering not only Afghani women
But all women who live under horrific rules
Hummiliated, vulnerable, abused, silenced
She is showing them that from determination
Even inimaginable possibilities are born

To a woman life is given
We are daughters, wives, sisters, mothers
We are the ones who nurture and raise generations and generations
We give more than we get
We love unconditionally
Women plant the seeds of hope
So, all deserve freedom, a voice, respect, a place in the sun
No woman is less than any man
So, that without a mother they would not have a life

Men who oppress women show insecurity
Not masculinity contrary to what they think
It is a coward act, it is ignorance
If they oppress women is because they are afraid of their power
Women must know that they should never live under the shadow of an oppressor
Never let them to convince them that they were born to be nothing
That they were born to be the scapegoats of sick minds
Abuse is not respect
Abuse is a crime
Abuse is the reflection of inferiority

I leave here all my admiration to Sadaf and all other women
Who fight everyday for the right of being
These are the real winners
No matter if some people try to force/persuade them to believe the contrary!



I prefer to think that it was the wind
That took her away
To a world sadness does not exist...

She was a sunshine in my life
My friend... my sister...
Made my days rainbows
My nights filled with stars...

She was tenderness
Smiles, laughs
A feast to the mind
A gift to the heart...

What a smart girl!
What a dreamer spirit
What an innocent soul...

I did admire her personality
It was fun and challenge
It was pretty and captivating...

She was crazy for ice cream
She went to sleep and woke up thinking about it
I used to find that amazingly curious
The ice cream was for her as a doll is for a girl...

The conversations, the emotions
The friendship, the sisterhood
The silly things
The deep ones
All left a mark within myself
Nothing was unimportant
All had a purpose, a meaning...

The girl who was taken by the wind
Was a dream come true in my life
I adored her
She gave a lot of colors in my days
I did love the way she made me feel special in her life too

I miss her
I think of her
I stay her companion in the memories she left me
I cannot think any day without her in my thoughts

I really don't know
Where the wind took her to
I hope it changes its mind and one day brings her back
I will be waiting
Now I just can look at the skies
When the wind blows
And imagine her as free as a bird
Enjoying her journey to unknown places...

She lives in my heart
As a permanent resident
She knows it!

Hey little bird
I am waiving to you
While wishing you
Countless reasons to smile...



Sweetness defines you
The way you stare
The way you move your hands
The way you express your affection...

You are as light as a feather
You shine like a thousand candles
You are pure tenderness...

Your presence is like a sunshine
It is warm, cozy, delicate
You are all mesmerizing...

Your love is heaven
Your giving complete
You were born to be adored...

Your sensitivity goes beyond boundaries
It melts hearts
It reaches souls ...

All of these translate your beauty
 You are all gifted
There is no match for your innocence
Your truth is remarkable
Your nature deligtful...



Beyond creativity
There is a world within that reaches the awe

It surpasses any conceivable logic
It has no rules
It just flows toward the unprecedent

It defies the power of imagination
It demands to dream the impossible

This is when the feeling of fascination emerges
It mesmerizes the senses

The artist has his reasons to follow a certain path or pattern
In the process of creation
For the audience the possibilities of perception are unlimited
Each person can travel to different oceans of reasoning
As the work of art has this magic thing of reaching unknown dimentions of understanding

Art is such a compelling vehicle of communication
This is the most endearing thing about it

It feels great to have the freedom of getting lost
In its possible meanings
Especially when they seem impossible to conceive...



A family's story was written here
The house now is old, vulnerable, lonely
The sound of joys and confessions is gone
Now everything is silent
The house lost its soul
Was left behind to the kingdom of forgetfulness...

Once this house was colorful
Full of life
Had a personality
Was vibrant and inviting...

The walls still have the memory of a family
That was its moving force
The family built the house and the relationship with it

The kitchen was all senses
As the smells were so divine
When the ritual of cooking was in motion

The living room walls
Surrounded the place of welcoming
They learned so much about people's being them
And making believe were others

The bathroom walls
Had the raw portrait of all in its mirrors
Some sorrows were lived there behind the doors
When stifled tears could finally get their freedom...

The bedroom walls
Had the memory of each one's intimacy
Each one's secrets
Each one's dreams
Each one's prayers, hopes, desires...

The house was the family's confident all those years
The house knew what nobody did
Behind its walls lives were unfolded
 With the transparency of a crystal ball

Sleep now house
You look tired
Your existence reached the expiration date
You carried out your duties beautifully
Rest to the eternity...