Sadaf Rahimi
Is a brave Afghani teenager
Who found in boxing a passion and a possibility...

Her opponents and victories
Can be count even before she started devoting time and energy to this sport
Being born in a place where the mortality rates for mothers and babies are very high
Was the very first challenge
The second, to be born a girl in a place where this gender is more a curse than a right or joy...

The place where she has her trainnings is very precarious
But more important than the physical environment
Is the self-determination
This Safad has unshakeable within...

What makes Sadaf also so unique is that
What she does would be considered inimaginable for women from where she lives
In Afghanistan women's rights are practically unexistent
Women suffer inimaginable oppression
As their are considered inferior compared to men
They have no voice, no rights, no care, no protection

Sadaf represents much more than an atlete from Afghanistan
She represents the Afghani women's voices
She is breaking paradigmas
She is having the courage to stand for women
It is amazing!

Unfortunately, she will not represent her country
In the Olympics this year in London
But, there is no doubt that a winner she is a victorious woman already 
She is beating all the odds
Her challenges are much harder to knock out
Than the most majority of women's around the world

She will succeed!
Maybe she does not know yet
But she is empowering not only Afghani women
But all women who live under horrific rules
Hummiliated, vulnerable, abused, silenced
She is showing them that from determination
Even inimaginable possibilities are born

To a woman life is given
We are daughters, wives, sisters, mothers
We are the ones who nurture and raise generations and generations
We give more than we get
We love unconditionally
Women plant the seeds of hope
So, all deserve freedom, a voice, respect, a place in the sun
No woman is less than any man
So, that without a mother they would not have a life

Men who oppress women show insecurity
Not masculinity contrary to what they think
It is a coward act, it is ignorance
If they oppress women is because they are afraid of their power
Women must know that they should never live under the shadow of an oppressor
Never let them to convince them that they were born to be nothing
That they were born to be the scapegoats of sick minds
Abuse is not respect
Abuse is a crime
Abuse is the reflection of inferiority

I leave here all my admiration to Sadaf and all other women
Who fight everyday for the right of being
These are the real winners
No matter if some people try to force/persuade them to believe the contrary!


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